Cookie’s Corner: Summer vs Fall; What’s Better For Sports?

Bye-bye bikini ūüôĀ

NEW YORK, NY – While yesterday was a BEAUT of a day, very [not Cleveland] Indian Summer. You can’t help getting a little bummed about the usual autumnal things – like the Mets thinking about golf – that¬† signal last licks for summer. Yesterday, Lori Levine talked about the transition from bikinis to tank tops (and she talked sports, too), and all of this got wondering: Summer vs Fall; What’s Better For Sports? Here’s my breakdown:

5)  BEER:
Summer:¬†Stale Ale.¬† Beer at ball games always disappoints. ¬†It’s never cold enough and rarely stays cold… or I don’t drink fast enough.¬† Year after year the price gouging never disappoints.¬† Next year I’m partaking in the Cookie-Gets-The-Tickets/Angry Ward Gets-The-Beers deal in attending a ball game. ¬†I intend to arrive very thirsty. ¬†
Fall:¬†Pumpkin Ale. It never disappoints. ¬†It always tastes good. As gimmicky seasonal beers go, this is the only one I’ll bite for.¬†

4) NBA & NHL: 
Summer: NBA Championships. This way-too-long-a-season FINALLY wraps up in June.  The victorious city gets to set itself on fire and NBA players can get back to banging starlets for off-season attention. 
Fall: The NHL and hockey are back!¬† This means another chance for the¬†NY Rangers to bring the Cup back home.¬† Oh, wait… there might be a LOCKOUT come Saturday at midnight. That, and the fact that the Broadway Blues have disappointed me since I was still single and ready to mingle.
LOVE… if there’s hockey. ¬†Hate… if there’s not. LOVE with the intensity of a THOUSAND suns if the Rangers get to the finals this year.

Summer:¬† I hate tennis. There’s too much of it on. But…¬† I hate the baseball All-Star Game and¬†fat f*ck¬†Chris Berman makes what might be a mildly entertaining Home Run Derby as unwatchable as¬†fat f*ck¬†Rex Ryan sprouting wood for sucking his wife’s toes.¬† Yeah, I hate¬†Berman that much.¬†
Fall:¬† YANKEES GOING TO THE POST SEASON!¬† Albeit by the skin of their teeth this year… THIS never gets old. ¬†I don’t expect Mets fans to relate.

2) NFL
Summer:Training camps and Fantasy League Drafts. Ugh.¬†I don’t care where he is stickin’ it, nor do I care what¬†Antonio Cromartie¬† is doing once he’s in training camp. I don’t care if¬†Tim Tebow will eventually get the ball. I don’t care if The Sanchize will be trusted with the offense and the virginity of Greenwich High School girls. But… NEWSFLASH: Marc Sanchez is now going older!¬† WAY older. ¬†COUGAR older. Eva Longoria older! Eva’s trying her hand with some different pro balls now… Finally, I don’t care who you’ve got on your Fantasy team and I don’t want to hear you yell at the TV like you actually OWN an NFL player!
Fall:¬†If you couldn’t tell by the above irky summer ‘Hate’ for pre-season preening, I’m an ACTION girl. ¬†I like getting to brass tacks. ¬†Things that count. GAME TIME if you will. ¬†NFL Season. ¬†Sixteen regular season games. ¬†Make ’em count boys. ¬†

Summer:¬† The Boys of Summer. Triathlon Season, with all swim-bike-run workouts outside in nature’s glory. Bikini weather. Shorts and tank top weather. Longer days. Heirloom tomatoes & mangoes. Frosty beers that hit the spot. The beach. ¬†And the beach. ¬†And… THE BEACH. ¬†Sigh. ¬†
Fall: Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Apple-picking and Cookie’s own homemade apple pie. Scarves.¬† Little kids dressed up on Halloween. The smell of wood burning fireplaces. Thanksgiving. Good sleeping weather. Fine fall drinks – the dark spirits and the rich reds.
LIKE… It’s not summer,¬† but I’m warming to it.¬†

Come on later today/tonight – depending where you are – for Dr. Diz’s College Football Report!

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