NFL Week 4 + The A.L. East Dog Fight.

Look into my eyes and behold!

The Couch-  The San Francisco 49ers beat the puss out the New York Jets yesterday.  And the Atlanta Falcons had some last minute heroics to remain undefeated.

But I’m declaring the 4-0 Houston Texans to be the best team in the NFL at the quarter pole.  They excel at everything.  The offense is dynamic, balanced, and as good as anybody’s right now.  And the defense induces chaos, led by a ferocious  front sevens.

True, Atlanta hasn’t lost yet, but then again they haven’t beaten any very good teams either.  And their near miss against Carolina yesterday was less than impressive.  As for San Franscisco, I find their offense to be mildly embarrassing.  Most of their big yardage chunks continue to come from gimmick plays: options, end-arounds, and the like.  I shit you not when I say that coach Jim Harbaugh’s offense reminds me of the one he used to run when I was a student at Michigan and he was the quarterback under Bo Schembechler.

“Three yards and a cloud of dust, son, and don’t you f-in’ forget it!”

Yes, San Fran has the best defense in the league.  But it’s not that much better than Houston’s.  But Houston’s offense is light years ahead San Fran’s, and that seals the deal for me.  Right now I’d make Houston a 2.5 point fave over SF at a neutral site.  The actual line would probably be SF by an FG, and I’d pounce on that in a heartbeat.  As for Atlanta, they’re in the next tier down until they beat a top team.  Right now I’ll take the Houston Texans over anyone.

Baseball-  I was born and raised in the Bronx and graduated John F. Kennedy High School.  Much like The Electric Banana, it’s not there anymore.  Just ask Marty DiBergi.

Since 2001, I’ve lived in Baltimore.  A.K.A. Mob Town.  A.K.A. Harm City.  A.K.A. Bodymore, Murderland.

Keepin’ it real up and down I-95, bitches.

I’m a dyed in the wool Yankees fan who’s spent more than a decade in the land of Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer, and Boog Powell.  But those formerly fierce rivals fell into decay fifteen years ago.

How much you think he enjoys taking the Yankees down? Maybe just a little?

And now they’re back.

The Baltimore Orioles aren’t particularly flashy.  No big names, no huge contracts.  Truthfully, they’re not even that talented a ball club.  Christ, they’ve had a negative run differential for almost the entire season.

But sonofabitch, here they are on the first day of October with a share of first place in one of baseball’s toughest divisions.  It’s been a long time since the locals have thought about anything other than football in October, but autumn baseball is finally back in Baltimore.

Will they go very far in the playoffs?  Probably not.  But then again, if anyone can play giant-killer  this year, it’s O’s.  Hell, they already have.  So watch out, American League, lest you get ThunderBucked.


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