Cookie’s Corner: A Woman’s Look At Yankees vs Orioles

Yankees Vs Orioles turns Cookie’s tummy.

NEW YORK, NY – It’s getting chilly here in the Northeast.  When the leaves go brown, the Sox go down.  And yes, the other day I got to explain to my mini-Cookie why the Red Sox were playing golf now. But for some of us, we’re still watching baseball… and loving it.  As I sat here watching the Yankees vs Orioles in Game 4 of  the ALDS,  there were some realizations I came to:

1) The combo of TBS announcers and Phil Hughes upsets my stomach. (This term ‘announcer’ loosely applies to John Smoltz) Anyway, it’s a bummer because I had pumpkin soup for dinner that I REALLY enjoyed. That was short-lived when this combo turned my tummy. Oh, and the 13-inning loss didn’t help, either.

2) Kids have an innate sense of knowing who the good, admirable and role-model-worthy players are. Mini-Cookie loves Jeter and kept cheering “YAY ICHIRO! YAY ICHIRO!” after seeing Ichiro catch a fly ball.

3) Joe Girardi’s father died and I’m pretty sure that if the Yanks win it all Angry Ward is going to flood Riverdale with his projectile vomiting over another occurrence of “Tragedy Befalls Coach But Yankees Pull Together & Win For Coach!” I’ll remind the Angry One that this is a different Joe. Say what you will about Torre, but don’t throw my Joe G. under that bus.

4) Phil Hughes.  He eeked out of a few jams not too roughed up.  Miraculous.  TUMS is a GIVEN with that piece of CRAP on the mound.  CRAP.   He shoulda been a giveaway with AJ.   I fucking HATE PHIL HUGHES.   (He’s giving A-Rod a run for his money in my book.)

5) JIM THOME?!? Jim Thome is still playing?

6) During a commercial break… I realized that I kept flashing back to the other day when I saw a clip of Prince Fielder in action the other night.  Dude is GARGANTUAN.  They showed him hitting a fly ball and starting a trot to first base.  Honestly, if that guy smacks it to the farthest outfield wall, he STILL doesn’t make it to first base before the weakest outfield arm EVER could get it to first.  I mean, WEAK.  I mean Johnny Damon weak. Prince Fielder is… HUGER. THAN. EVER. Anyone see Cecil lately? I think Prince may have eaten him.

7) Phil Hughes struck someone out and pitched well while I was watching and typing a column? Hot damn! I’m f*cking TALENTED!

8) Another commercial break made me realize that I am getting really depressed triathlon season is over.

9) Ponder this: The entire Yankee infield has 7 Gold Gloves between them. Ichiro has TEN to his credit. TEN. That rhymes with Yen.

10) Every time I hear the name Ibanez, I think of guitars. I also am pleased the Yankees picked him up.

11) I still hate A-Rod and it pains me that he wears #13, which was my high school volleyball number.  It makes me  have that not-so-fresh feeling.

12) Keep talking about how fat CC all you Yankee haters. The man GETS. IT. DONE.  More than that – he gets it done in the post season… not on the GOLF COURSE.

And with that, I’m over the word count and way over my bedtime at this publishing. Congrats to the history-making Giants and roaring Tigers.

Doc Diz, tomorrow.

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