Heisman Trophy Time… Plus College Football Picks & Chicks

Heisman Trophy? Reggie Bush had one for a while…

FORT WORTH, TX – We’re into the last couple of weeks of the college regular season, and it’s time to argue about who will win coveted Heisman Trophy, which will be presented in the Big Apple in Times Square at the Best Buy Theater. I guess that an appropriately named venue, since the originators of the trophy, the Downtown Athletic Club, went bankrupt and thus stopped sponsoring it back in 2002. Maybe if they found a few more bargains they would have stayed solvent.

So who do we have in the running this year?

In a normal year, Ohio State’s QB Braxton Miller, would be getting all sorts of press since he is racking up big stats for an undefeated Ohio State squad. Unfortunately for him and the Buckeye’s, they are on probation. This means no bowl game and no shot at the National Championship. He can also kiss his chances at the trophy good by.

First the good people of Ohio had to endure the Reds choking in the playoffs. Then, three months of endless political commercials due to their swing state status. Now this. Ouch. What next, a plague of locusts, frogs and angry house fraus (–>) on cell phones driving Chevy Suburban’s in erratic traffic patterns?

Ndamukong Suh managed to become a finalist a few years back when he played for Nebraska. Suh has gone on to create quite the persona for himself in the NFL… he plays dirtier than an ex-stripper girlfriend on a Vegas road trip.

This year we have another defensive behemoth who will be a finalist; Manti T’eo of Notre Dame. T’eo has been dominating for the undefeated Irish defense. He also knows how to do the Haka, as he used to play rugby in high school. But he won’t win it… defensive guys never do.

Kenjon Barner has been burning up yards for an undefeated Oregon squad, and also has a funny first name like the other two guys. Doesn’t anybody name their kid John or Ed or Mike or George anymore? He’s harder to catch than VD in a convent, but won’t win it either.

Klein dreams big.

I saw Collin Klein of undefeated and number one Kansas State last week in action against TCU. He’s a beast. TCU’s All-American defensive end Stanley Maponga, who is expected to be a first or second round draft choice, squared up on him. And Klein ran..right…over…him. We’re talking an NFL caliber defensive lineman. And he ran him over. Try to jam the line on him? Good luck, Klein will pass it right over your head. He’s tougher than my ex-wife in a bad mood…and leads the K State Wildcats with his physical and hard hitting brand of football. He’s the odds on favorite, and my pick.

He’s kinda like Tebow except he can pass. And he’s not a Bible-banger.

Johnny Football, Sr.

His main competition will come from down Aggie way, where “Johnny Football”, aka Johnny Manziel has quarterbacked the Texas A&M Aggies to an 8-2 record, # 8 national ranking and recent upset of #1 Alabammie. Manziel is only a freshman. He already has over 2,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards with two games left to play in the season. And ya just gotta love that nickname. Johnny Football. He’s not too physically imposing, at just a tad under six feet tall. But man, the kid can win football games. So if anyone can best Klein, it’ll be the freshman Aggie. Gig em.

Some games coming up

It’s the battle of El Aye, as #17 UCLA knocks off arch rival #18 USC.  USC still has better cheerleaders, but UCLA wins 31 to 28.
Wisconsin puts Ohio State out of its misery, defeating them 17-13 in a Big Ten showdown.
#24 Oklahoma State smokes #23 Texas Tech 49 to 31. Guns up…not.
Utah State upsets #20 Louisiana Tech 20 to 17.
And Stanford ends Oregon’s undefeated season 40 to 38.
On Thanksgiving, TCU beats #16 Texas 26 to 19, and….

Torrington beats Watertown, Ansonia trounces Naugatuck, Wolcott upends Holy Cross and Woodland downs Seymour in Connecticut High School Thanksgiving Day NVL action. Thanksgiving high school football is a hallowed New England tradition … the Dr. will be at T-town vs. Watertown, drinking some morning schnapps with hot cocoa and burning some salad along with his neighborhood buds from back in the day.

See ya at the game.

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