Danica Patrick: From Go Karts to Go Daddy, Wimbledon Woes, and Aaron Hernandez’ Jersey Exchange

Braves retire Chipper's #10 Jersey
Braves retire Chipper’s #10 Jersey

ATLANTA, GA – We start this week’s Preacher’s Row down south where former Atlanta Braves’ 3rd baseman and perennial slugger, Chipper Jones was being honored during a ceremony where his #10 Jersey was formally retired.

"Peanut" Day at Turner field.
“Peanut” Day at Turner field.

In attendance celebrating with a packed Turner Field crowd was Home Run King Hank Aaron, Former Braves’ Slugger Dale Murphy, Former Braves’ manager Bobby Cox as well as Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn. Rumor has it that the former President was tricked into being there thinking it was ‘Peanut Day” at Turner Field.

Danica Patrick retiring her own #10 Jersey...
Danica Patrick retiring her own #10 Jersey…

Elsewhere, NASCAR racing star Danica Patrick, another famous sports athlete with a #10 jersey, made headlines this week defending herself against hurtful and slanderous remarks by former NASCAR driver and TV Analyst Kyle Petty. Kyle accused Danica of being a “marketing machine” and “not a race car driver” in an all-out assault on the validity of women in sports.  Well, let’s take a closer look…

Danica’s start in racing began in 1992 at the spry young age of 10 racing Go Karts at Sugar River Raceway in Brodhead, Wisconsin. Her career quickly progressed to race car driving at the age of 16 in England’s British National Series, and then on to the US Race car world in 2002.  The 5’1 diminutive sweet-heart of the NASCAR circuit finished 8th at the Daytona 500 earlier this year and is only 1 of 13 people who have ever led a lap in both the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500. She’s also currently ranked 91st on Forbes‘ list of the World’s Most Powerful Celebrities.

Not bad, I must say…but heck, at the age of 10, Preacher Collins was a top-ranked Pac-Man and Donkey Kong champion on the Atari 2600.  And as a fellow champion, I can understand the pressures of fame…

Regarding Kyle’s “petty” comments, Miss Patrick took the high road responding:

“I really don’t care. There’s going to be people who believe in you and people who don’t…But at the end of the day you get over that stuff and trust you’re doing a good job for the people who believe in you.”

We believe in you Danica!
We believe in you Danica!

And yes, Danica, we do believe in you!  Preacher Collins believes in you and the tremendous value you bring to this once-maligned sport, birthed in the Prohibition era, nurtured in Trailer Parks across America, and now finally established as a legitimate American Sport. And being one of the ‘hottest’ babes in the world, don’t hurt none neither

Desperate New Yorker's pray for their beleaguered sports teams in Times Square.
Desperate New Yorker’s pray for their beleaguered sports teams in Times Square.

In other news, the 2013 Wimbledon is under way, but who cares…Federer and Nadal are out, and my fave Maria Sugarpova (see previous Preacher’s Rows) was taken out in the 2nd round.

Also on the hot wire, the New England Patriots are holding a Aaron Hernandez’ Jersey exchange at local sports stores on July 5th-6th. Exchanges will be made on an ‘equal or lesser value‘ basis.  Separately, large dump trunks filled with ‘cow manure’ were seen parked outside local New England Sporting Goods stores

Oh, and let’s not forget that the 2013 MLB All-Star Game is being held in a couple of weeks at Citifield.  To commemorate the event, New York City has placed special “Big Apple” Art exhibits for each MLB team around the City.  If you live here or are visiting, go find your favorite team’s Apple!  I found mine last night…

Preacher Collins and the Braves' Big Apple
Preacher Collins and the Braves’ Big Apple

Now for the Hero and Villain of the Week!

Hero of the Week: Danica Patrick
For being such a great example of grace under fire, and making those car racing suits look so darn HOT.

Villain of the Week: Kyle Petty
For being, well, petty. And for perpetuating the stereo type of male chauvinism in sports wondering why again his ‘honey boo‘ has kicked him out of the bedroom. Enjoy the couch buddy, and Get a life.

Well that’s all for Preacher’s Row for now, be safe, be kind, and stay tuned for Cheesy Bruin tomorrow!

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