Double Trouble! Sports Twins Special: Canseco, Sedin, Barber and more!

Tiki Barber
Tiki Barber

NEW YORK, NY  – This past Monday my goddaughter made me a grand-godfather (if there is such a thing) for the second time by birthing a set of healthy Italian twin boys, Santino and Frankie. While we wait for my prediction of a sibling-owned pizzeria in their future, today we will talk about some famous twins in sports.

Jose and Ozzie Canseco This pair of modern chemists and major league ballplayers combined for 462 round-trippers. Jose did all the heavy lifting swinging and singing “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” while accounting for all 462 dingers by himself. To Ozzie’s credit he was drafted in the 2nd Round of the amateur draft or thirteen rounds prior to Jose and also appeared in a MeettheMatts video.

Ronde and Tiki Barber Maori mythology’s first man and today’s bar design icon, Tiki lit up defenses as a running back but also torched the Giants locker room by criticizing many. He burned so many bridges that never did get his comeback chance, opting instead for a short-lived news career. Ronde just went quietly about his business as a defensive back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a three-time All-Pro honoree. Ronde also didn’t leave his pregnant wife for a hot-piece-of-tail intern.

Sedin Sisters
Sedin Sisters

Daniel and Henrik Sedin These Swedish meatballs are better known around Boston as the Sedin Sisters after the Bruins pounded, annoyed, and shut-down the twins during the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. To their credit however, Daniel is the better goal scorer and Henrik the prolific assist man but both are skilled point producers as it’s hard to tell who their parents liked more.

Brook and Robin Lopez Now I shouldn’t be one to poke fun at anybody but with names like these the brothers

Sideshow and Robin
Sideshow and Robin

Lopez boys could be mistaken for members of the WNBA.  The pair of seven-footers are easily distinguishable. Brook opts for a clean-cut, high and tight hairstyle while Robin goes for the Rastafarian/Sideshow Bob look.  Performance on the court is about the same as they are serviceable role players on their respective squads.

Phil and Steve Mahre. Last time I checked skiing was a sport and back in the day, it didn’t matter if one could tell them apart as they set the standard for American skiers thereby keeping some commie-bastard or neutral ass Swiss competitor from winning championships.  Phil was the standout of the twins from Yakima, Washington.  I just wanted to say yah-kim-ah.

Ron and Rich Sutter This pair was the last installment of the first generation of mother Sutters.  Just like Brian, Brent, Duane, and Darryl before them, Ron and Rich were no strangers to the penalty box as Rich and Ron rank first and second in the family as far as penalty minutes are concerned.  Being the youngest of seven boys, the twins obviously had to fight for their food at the dinner table and became accustomed to elbowing and cross-checking.

Know any other Pro Sports sets of twins?? Weigh in below…

Enjoy the weather and come back tomorrow for a West Coast Craig.

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