Free NFL Picks and How to Bet Jets and Giants

blueRENO, NV – Last week was another 3-1 wee, which pushes my season mark to 6-2, good for 75% accuracy.  These Sunday picks involve only the local teams and aren’t my top plays.  Visit The Gambler’s Source for solid picks with no bullspit.

NY GIANTS (PK) (42) Houston Texans
A week ago the Giants lost to a back-up QB who hadn’t thrown an NFL pass since 2010 in Arizona’s Drew Stanton. This week they get an understudy quality signal-caller as the team faces the Houston Texans and Ryan Fitzpatrick at the former landfill that is now MetLife Stadium. The Gints will be getting another second-stringer next week in Washington but they needn’t look ahead because they have their plate full with grasping the new offense and the football itself with some costly turnovers and a case of the dropsies. Picking this game was like throwing darts as the strength of Houston’s 2-0 record is questionable the same way you can describe the Giants approach to football the first two weeks of this NFL season. Big Blue looks more like Blue from Old School when he has his heart attack prior to his KY jelly wrestling match with two young hotties. How many more losses before we get Will Ferrell to sing “Dust in the Wind” signifying the death of the 2014 Giants season? The Texans have a soft schedule early on and don’t play a true formidable foe for another three weeks while the Giants can’t afford back-to-back home losses this early in the campaign. That’s all I have to justify this pick as I hope J.J. Watt doesn’t singlehandedly ruin the selection although he should keep the scoring at bay with his defensive prowess.
Final Score: Giants 20, Texans 16
The Picks: Giants (PK) and UNDER 42

NY JETS -3 (45) Chicago Bears
The Jets are playing a home Monday Night game? What is this world coming to? An end is the answer and especially so had the Jets held on to their large early lead against the Pack last week. I thought the Jets had somewhat of a lifetime ban after all the ugliness that happened in the stands during a Monday Night game of yesteryear. Somebody help my memory. Was it a Dolphins game? Anyway, Gang Green gets the Bears who are coming off a primetime comeback win against the 49ers who were Christening their sprawling new stadium in NoCal. jetsAsking a team to win consecutive games under the lights and on the road is a tall task. While the Bears have the offense to be in every game, their defense will prevent them from runaway victories whereas the Jets will rely on steady offensive production to offset their own deficiencies in the secondary. The team running the ball most effectively will win this game and I just can’t see Matt Forte doing as well as the Jets steady rotation in this capacity. I think I have a pretty good read on the Jets this year to make the following prediction with some confidence:
Final Score: Jets 28, Bears 20
The Picks: Jets (-3) and OVER 45

Feel free to comment, talk football – or any sport – below and come back tomorrow to thank me and see what West Coast Craig has in store.

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