Peyton Manning Waited All Day for THIS??


Midnight, save daylight
it still feels like one
Gotta write a post and make it sound fun
But I’m exhausted and the night’s just begun

Hey Matt, how bout that,
it just came to me…
The Sunday Night song on N-B-C
about waiting all day in front of the TV
Seems pretty ripe for the old parody

I’ve watched football all day and now all night
Time I could’ve spent outside flying a ki-yi-yi-yi-ite

I hate myself for watching you
the West Coast game was another Charger piece of poo
I check fantasy scores until my face is all blue
That why I hate myself for watching you

Jets fans, need new plans
they’re out of chances
Wanted Gino sent off to the benches
And now the Eagles win with Mark Sanchez!

Patriots, you’re a putz
if you thought they were done
A bunch of no names like Julian Edelman
and in Foxboro they simply own Peyton

I watched the same commercials but for what I just don’t know
Like I’m Rob Lowe…and I’m underage sex tape Rob Lowe-wo-wo-wo-wo!

I hate myself for watching you
You make me reach for another brew
by Sunday night I’m completely cuckoo
That’s why I hate myself for watching you

Kaepernick, what a dick
The Niners fail a test
The Cowboys lost another with Romo on bedrest
And at season’s half the Cardinals are the best?

Joan Jett, getting paid, come a long way
From the days of the Runaways
Parody’s protected, I’m relieved to say
Cause with these wages I could never pay-ay-ay-ay

I hate myself for watching you
I could be out there maybe learning kung fu
But instead I’m stuck here to the couch like glue
That’s why I hate myself for watching you.

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