Week 9 NFL/Rugby Picks: Jets, Chiefs, Colts, Giants

imagesQ677XBZ4Most of our audience immersed themselves with a rugby game held in Chicago yesterday, and admittedly I watched about the first twenty minutes for some stupid reason before realizing the match was a lot like a Jets game–the longer it went the worse things got.  I realize the New Zealand team is like the ’85 Bears and the USA team like the Columbia Lions but it just seems like we should be able to field a better team than what is currently constituted.  Can I have Jonathan Wicklowe Barberie explain to me aside from the crutch that the sport is in its infancy in the states?  Notwithstanding, there is the NFL which consumes our nation on a weekly basis and has me breaking down the local contests for gambling purposes here and at The Gamblers Source.

Unknown Comics
Unknown Comics

KANSAS CITY -9.5 (42) over New York Jets
This current travesty of a Jets season is starting to resemble the one win Rich Kotite-led compilation of the mid ’90’s. Back then it was Neil O’Donnell at QB and even he would be an upgrade to the current Geno Smith/Mike Vick carousel of futility being utilized by Rex Ryan who, like Kotite, will see his tenure expire at season’s end. Today, the Jets travel to one of the most difficult home field’s in the NFL in Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium. This game shouldn’t be much different than the previous seven losses as Len Dawson and Otis Taylor can crawl off their sofas to light up a Jets defense that just doesn’t force turnovers. The two handful of points the Jets are getting aren’t nearly enough off of another “no show” performance against the Bills last week. Get the paper bags ready, Jets fans.
Score: Chiefs 30. Jets 13
Picks: CHIEFS -9.5 and OVER 42

Colts Def. Coordinator
Colts Def. Coordinator

Indianapolis Colts -3 (51) over NEW YORK GIANTS
The Giants have had much needed time to prepare for this game and will need every bit of study against Andrew Luck and his mates fresh off of a 51-34 primetime thrashing of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The OVER bet should be a “gimme” as Eli Manning can steer his offense just as capably as Ben Rapistberger does his versus a Colts defense more unpredictable than former WWF tomato can Johnny Rodz. Picking today’s winner will not be so easy to predict. The Giants are off of their bye week, still missing the injured RB Rashad Jennings, and are in the midst of a grueling stretch of their schedule. The Colts head into their bye, can score with the best of the NFL offenses and against any defense, but might be a bit fragile on the defensive side of the ball after that 500+ yard effort by Big Ben. The Colts are the class of the AFC South and don’t need to play with the urgency of other squads because of this luxury. The Giants can’t fall too far behind the front-runners or they’ll be done. On talent alone is how I’m basing this pick.
Score: Colts 34, GIANTS 20
Picks: Indianapolis -3 and OVER 51

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