Blaber’s Blabberings: Guys Night Out, Big Game (Super Bowl) Deflate-gate, NY Knicks, Pro Bowl

Guys Night OutEL BARRIO, THE BRONX – There’s a lot for the good Deacon Blaber to get through this week. We have a wide range of topics to cover beyond the Big Game. We’ll look at the importance of Guy’s Night Out the aforementioned Big Game, Deflate-gate, the Pro Bowl and the NY Knicks.

Guy’s Night Out: According to this article, its now scientifically proven that men need quality time with their friends. According to scientists that have done actual research, there is nothing wrong with guys night out or gathering together to watch the game. So, is you’re planning a ‘guys only’ Superbowl (spelled incorrectly on purpose)  party, point your lady to that article and the guy with the Ph.D in this stuff that says, “let him be!”

The Big Game: I agree with an old MTM piece that said the Super Bowl should be on a Saturday. Give everyone a day to recover from trying to eat and drink more in one sitting than they do in an entire week. I’ll be doing what I’ve done most Sundays: laundry, writing articles and playing SnapCall. Honestly, I’m not trying to do a shameless promotion but with my Jets so poor this season, SnapCall is the only thing of interest come Sunday. (And I want to win the Vegas VIP Package & help a kids’ program). As for who I am rooting for in a game between “two different types of douche bags,” as Dr. Diz said, I’ll take the Seahawks and Pete Carroll. He likes rugby and I’m a Jets fan so I could never support New England. I need Seattle to…

Deflate-Gate: Be warned, I am going full FSA on the NFL today, so strap in and don’t forget to breathe!

This whole situation is a frogging joke! I want you guys to understand something. This is a league that can’t handle major off-the field issues like rape and wife beating. They shrug their shoulders and turn a blind eye until shamed into action. Once cameras are rolling, the powers that be act aghast and bring down the hammer. Witness their reaction to the Adrian Peterson child abuse scandal and the whole Ray Rice episode.

Now, when it comes to something as cut and dry as deflate-gate, they are still investigating! 2 weeks later and no results. They won’t announce the results until after the big game because they don’t want to distract from it. Yet again, through the hypocrisy, the league still finds time to squeeze itself.  Seattle RB Marshawn Lynch was fined for an obscene gesture during the NFC Championship game, yet the league is making money selling a picture of the gesture. Then during media day, he was fined for wearing a hat with his own brand on it. Time can always be found to bring the hammer down on players, but organizations are held to a different standard.

With all of that, does anyone expect just results from this “investigation?” Remember USC did the same thing a few years back under Lane “douchebag extraordinaire” Kiffin and a student equipment manager took the fall. NE and the NFL are already pointing toward an equipment manager. Roger Goodell is a pet of the owners and none more so than Pats’ owner, Bob Kraft. Goodell seeks Kraft’s approval before buying a set of cufflinks like they are a married couple. So sometime next week, expect the following because the league’s image is at stake: the rogue equipment manager will be the fall guy and the Patriots will get one of two punishments. 1) If they win, they will be fined and lose a 3rd or 4th round pick or 2) If they lose, then the they will be fined and probably give up a 7th rounder.

State_of_Origin_LogoThis whole thing is a microcosm similar to the US justice system. Violent offenders, like AP, have the book thrown at them like a burglary suspect while white-collar criminals make moves that ruin multiple lives and no one is charged for the Great Financial Crisis (GFC).  The fact that the violent offender is black and the white collar criminal is white is also very much intended.

The Pro Bowl: It is an absolute joke and no one cares about it. The NFL should take a page from Rugby. In Australia, they have something called the State Of Origin. Only two main Provinces play rugby. Regardless of what team you play professionally for in the country, you play for your home town province. North v South works because there is history there. It would end up being Texas and Florida vs New Jersey and Ohio but it would have some real spice for once.

The NY Knicks: They look set to break 10. They may have figured out how to play. Time will tell but A. Dubya and JG Clancy can probably start putting in their order on the over and under bet of 10.

Cheesy Bruin is up tomorrow and he has ideas on who to bet on for tomorrow’s Big Game.

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