Ebs’ Hot Takes: A-Rod For MVP And More

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – It’s been a full two weeks, which means it’s time for another edition of Ebs’ HotA-Rod Takes!

While there’s a bit of a lull in the professional sports world, there’s still plenty to discuss. Let’s get started!

A-ROD FOR MVP! I’m starting off with a bold statement.

Listen, I understand by season’s end Alex Rodriguez will not have the same statline as Mike Trout or Miguel Cabrera, but this is the Most Valuable Player award. Not the Most Outstanding Player award. And that’s what people forget at times when it comes time to vote on these types of awards.

The New York Yankees would be nothing without A-Rod.

Rodriguez is defying the odds this season, batting third and is one of the most-consistent offensive threats in New York’s lineup.

matt-harveyI understand you may dislike him, you may even hate him, but this isn’t about the past, this is about the present and the future.

WHERE’S THE METS’ BATS? As a Yankees fan, I really feel bad for the fans of the New York Junior Varsity.

With that starting rotation, it’s a travesty that this team isn’t better than a 48-44 record in a weak division.

With a halfway decent offense the Mets would be in first place. New York has scored five runs just once this month, and we’re 20 days in.

I’m truly rooting for you guys. I have no problem with seeing the Mets succeed and I’d really enjoy seeing this team turn things around. The NL East and Wild Cards are certainly still within reach.

TIGER’S NOT DONE. The slump Tiger Woods is currently experiencing might be the worst in the history of tiger-woodsprofessional sports, but that’s all it is. A slump.

I have complete faith in Tiger that he can pull out of this. Athletes of Woods’ caliber don’t fall off this quickly. It just doesn’t happen.

Not to mention Tiger’s only 39-years-old and there are guys like Phil Mickelson and Jim Furyk that are a bit older than him and still playing successful golf.

Just give Tiger time. He’ll be back.

DO YOU LOVE PODCASTS? No, really, do you?

If you love sports, which I hope you do because you’re reading my column, and you like to listen to podcasts, check out my podcast with some of my fellow sportswriters at The Saratogian and Troy Record! It’s called the Saratogian On The Record Sports Podcast and there’s a great debate about A-Rod at the 1:02.45 mark of this past week’s Just A Bit Outside.


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