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Bronx, NY – Live from New York, it’s Saturday afternoon! And if no one else is posting, I guess I am. You’re welcome. Let’s get right to it.

Cloudy with No Chance of Hurricanes. This is the latest weather forecast. Joaquin is taking his act out East. Instead we got gray skies and chilly temps around these parts. It’s bonafide soup weather. In fact, my and Li’l Angry just had some of the wonton variety. Good day to stay in and watch college football and/or see if the Yanks and Mets can find ways to not play at home in their first round playoff series. For the Yankees, it would only be one game, but still… Also see that some Cubs fan tried to get a kickstarter campaign to get Steve Bartman to attend the Cubs’ wildcard game. They had already raised something like $2,500 when he politely declined. Nice try, Northsiders.

Get Well Rusty. It seems that Le Grand Orange, Rusty Staub, suffered a heart attack on flight back from Ireland and is now recovering on the Emerald Isle. Here’s wishing Rusty a speedy recovery. And maybe it’s time to start cutting back on the BBQ.

Get well, Rusty!
Get well, Rusty!











Dynamic Duos Who Danced Only Once. I was watching Trading Places last night and it occurred to be that Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd only made this one movie together. It was a really good movie! Why didn’t they team up again? Same goes for Billy Crystal (that Yankee whore) and Meg Ryan. They made When Harry Met Sally and never made another movie again. Ryan ended up teaming up with Tom Hanks for a trio of rom coms, so it’s not like she lost her taste for the genre. She and Crystal must’ve genuinely hated each other because WHMS was a huge hit and they must have received offers. I’m sure there are other examples of this in movies. Any come to mind?

Season’s Beatings. It’s halftime in Fort Worth and the TCU Horned Frogs are laying Texas to waste. They are up 37 – zip. Whoa, Nelly! That is a Texas-sized beating. But seeing as how Texas has been on the other side of such scores over the years, I have zero problem with TCU running it up even if it isn’t exactly “Christian” of them. Yee haw! Sticking with beatings, it looks like Hope Solo will be going back to trial for allegedly whupping her nephew and half sister. She was reportedly in a drunken rage. But if we’ve learned anything from second amendment a-hole’s, the alcohol had nothing to do with it. It’s completely unrelated! Ugh, why did I have to bring up the second amendment? Let’s try to end this on an “up” note.

Hoops n’ Hookers. A new book is reporting that the University of Louisville used “escorts” to recruit basketball players. Talk about free throws! Talk about putting the “Lay” in layup! What 18-year-old can say no to gratis sex in exchange for basketball. For some of those kids, it would be the closest they would get to the “pros.” It’s a feelgood story. Good for them!

See ya on Wednesday!


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