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images2R6VM066Manalapan, NJ- Thought I’d never say this but the Garden State is where I find myself living at the moment after having foreclosed on my house which had zero to do with my miserable 2-6 (I have more children than winners) record against the spread after the first two weeks of NFL football. Pope Francis is long gone but economic inequality remains a hot topic within the Vatican and at MTM staff meetings. Moreover if you’ve been silly enough to gamble on my selections, I am aiding and abetting to this scourge.
Maybe I didn’t do enough preparation during the preseason. Maybe I’m just fed up with pro football–to the point where I’ve been watching exhibition hockey instead of the primetime games. Fantasy Football, its advertising, and commentary is out of control. There is no flow to football any more as corporate dollars fill league coffers with commercial after commercial. Falling asleep during games has become routine obviously effecting the output of the Sunday gambling advice. So, you all have been warned as I throw these to the wall hoping they stick.

Who am I?
Who am I?

FAVORITE  Several days ago it wasn’t inconceivable of seeing a Brandon Weeden versus Luke McCown showdown on Football Night in America.  True dat.  In case you aren’t aware, these are the backup QB’s for the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints.  Oddly enough, McCown might be the more recognizable of the two due to his acting on a telecommunications carrier ad.  Alas, Drew Brees rotator cuff has repaired in time for kickoff and should scorch the Dallas defense the same way the Falcons offense did last week.  Cripes, if Weeden flops during the first half, we’ll be seeing the newly acquired retread, Matt Cassel under center.  SAINTS  -3 over Cowboys.

UNDERDOG  People are talking up the Arizona Cardinals as Super Bowl contenders.  Not so fast.  The Redbirds have taken advantage of three out of four home games out of the gate.  And if you pay attention to the competition, the Saints, Bears, and Niners are a combined 1-8 who didn’t make the Cards sweat one bit.  Today, the Rams come to town after unbearable losses to the Redskins and Steelers.  This is a division tilt for St. Loo and I like HC Steve Fisher in these spots as hefty road dogs.  Double up on the wager if RB Todd Gurley is set to go.  Rams +7 over ARIZONA.
UNDER  When Cam Newton isn’t pitching yogurt or flipping his truck over on Carolina roads, he’s tossing the pigskin and doing somersaults on the field.  The Panthers are a little more offensively proficient than Tampa Bay but that isn’t a ringing endorsement.  The training wheels are still on Jameis Winston and there is a severe lack of playmakers on both sidelines.  Both kickers would garner consideration for team MVP honors at this stage.  Car/TB UNDER 40.

imagesUGZ7FCH2This is purely a gut feeling.  There is no chance of barfing either.  The Iggles have to click sooner or later, right?  Washington can move the ball by toting the rock and Sam Bradford feels Mark Sanchez breathing on his neck.  Strictly a hunch.  Phil/WASH over 44.

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