Sports Drunks Party

Junoir Blaber Niagara RugbyMTM HQ, NEWARK, NJ – It’s no secret the MTM Staff likes to party. And it’s certainly no secret that our Saturday morning slot has had more than its difficulties. In fact, Elias Sports just announced that statistically we’ve had more turnover in the position than Spinal Tap had at drummer… With that track record, it should come as no surprise that today’s contributor, Junoir Blaber, is a tad tardy to today’s Sports Drunks Party. And while our Editorial Staff awaits Monsieur Blaber’s jarbled gem, let’s look at some Sports Drunks we’d want atout Holiday Party.

Rob Ford: Okay, the embattled Mayor of Toronto and Chris Farley stunt double is not a player or coach. But he’s a huge – or at least fat – sports fan, and we want him front and center at our soiree.

Harry Carey: Granted, Mr. Take Me Out To The Ballgame is now charming us from that Manicured Diamond in the Sky, but jeepers, he’s gotta be there, ideally leading the caroling.

Doc Gooden: Wait, too soon?

Okay, we see Blaber is writing away, so just one more for this shindig…

Roger Clemens: How great would it be to have a Jolly Roger at the party, cursing “…that sissy Pettitte” and giggling about the Hummer he “stole from those pricks!

That’s it, check for Blaber’s piece.

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