Hypocrites All! The NFL, Boomer Esiason & CBS!

Vontaze-Burfict-Joueur-Hai-NFL-1024x583Cincinnatti, OH—-At the conclusion of last weekend’s Steelers-Bengals first round playoff game, viewers were quickly directed to the CBS studio. Here a collection of former NFL players/NFL shills (is there a difference?) pulled no punches in assigning blame. Blame for the carnage that took place on the field during the league-directed Steelers victory.  The blame was swift, without debate and racist. Whoa…racist? Yep…goddamned right-racist.

Hitler’s wet dream, Boomer Esiason went on a rant about how, as a former Bengal-he was embarrassed by the actions and behavior of Cincy players Vontaze Burfict, Adam Jones, et al.  Boomer blasted Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis in a visceral way that made it sound personal.  Esiason stated that if Lewis can’t get his players under control, then he shouldn’t be allowed to be the head coach.


Hmm…I can’t seem to recall how vociferously Boomer argued for his own mediocre head coach Sam Wyche to be fired nearly 30 years earlier. Seems that the night before Super Bowl XXIII, Bengals Running Back Stanley Wilson was found in a cocaine-induced stupor that rendered him useless for the next day’s big game. Wasn’t Wyche responsible for making sure that his players you know, were lucid and capable of contributing to the team on the eve of the biggest game of their lives?  In that instance, Boomer I’m sure would have put it all on his teammate. Self-sufficiency, taking personal responsibility and all of that republican bullshit that Boomer likes to espouse.  But with Burfict and Jones running amok, Esiason came down hard on Lewis. Hypocritical much Booms? Carry on like a jackass with no-talent unfunny WFAN co-host Craig Carton every morning with middle school locker room nonsense, but keep judging everyone else.

Former Pittsburgh coach Bill Cowher also had some choice words for Lewis in the aftermath of the “out of control” Bengals performance. The NFL and these CBS clowns failed to mention any of the Steelers’ shenanigans as though they were victims of the Cincy “thugs.” Steeler LB Ryan Shazier lowered the crown of his helmet and knocked Cincy RB Giovanni Bernard in the head and out of the game.  Shazier then laughed and waved “bye-bye” to Bernard as he left the field. The NFL though wanted the Steelers to win. So the many transgressions of the boys from Pittsburgh were ignored by the league Slot Gacor and CBS. Acknowledging their roles would have changed the narrative that the NFL wanted in this postseason.  Cowher by the way, used to employ a receiver named Hines Ward, who illegally used crack back blocks so often and at opponents’ knees that he made a career out of it-with his Coach’s approval.                                    Stanley

The hypocrisy of the NFL is infuriating. Their network “partners” like CBS carry out the wishes and messages that the league wants pushed. One ill-timed fumble by Jeremy Hill cost Marvin Lewis and the Bengals the game. That’s it. But the NFL will have you believe that good triumphed over evil in this one. The truth is, they’re all evil. Especially the NFL itself.

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