Available Ward Tuesday: Special Lunchtime Edition!

New York, NY – Now that Eb’s hot takes have had around 36 hours to sink in, I thought I’d take my lunch hour to throw something–anything–up here. Let’s get to it before┬áI’m found out.

Warriors and 73. Nothing jinxes a team more than everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, saying that they are definitely going to win a game, and that is what’s happening right now with the Golden State Warriors. Their final game is Wednesday┬ánight in Oakland against Memphis and every single person with a sports opinion and and place to put it, are saying a win is a foregone conclusion. I’m not so sure. Golden State already had their aura of home invincibility snapped by the Celtics and I can see the Grizzlies getting fired up to deny them. Really hope I’m wrong, but in the meantime, please shut your yaps.

Mets and Mariners. Not good starts for either of my baseball teams. Matz, got crushed last night and the Mets are struggling to score runs. I think things will get righted in Queens though. But they better score some runs for Harvey fast. He looks like he’s about to lose it. Out in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle Mariners continue to make the Mets look like an offensive juggernaut. Meanwhile, maybe the best pitcher in the game (STILL!), Felix Hernandez, must feel like he’s playing in baseball purgatory. Harvey’s got Murderer’s Row hitting behind him by comparison.

Hockey Playoffs. Around here it’s all about the Rangers/Penguins and Isles/Panthers, but I’m focused on Minnesota squaring off against the team that used to be Minnesota. This first round series between the Wild and the Stars is my Stanley Cup. A first round upset of the team that used to be my North Stars would be fantastic. Barring that, like everyone else, would love to see Isle and Blueshirts square off. Highly doubtful though.

Finally, another look at Bartolo Colon’s Willie Mays impersonation the other night. I’ve said it a whole bunch of times, he’s maybe the most entertaining player in the bigs. Always something funny when he’s on the bump.

Must C: Colon’s basket catch

See you all again tomorrow! Whoops, see management finally posted something. Oh well.

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