Star Spangled Banner, [Mid] West World Series, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Lemieux vs Gretzky II

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EL BRONX, EL BARRIO – Getting the call to pitch hit this week was no surprise and I was excited to do it.  Theere were a few ideas bouncing around in my head, so the sports part came easy. But I had to search around for my Song of the Week. After some soul-searching, the “SOTW” was decided and so per usual, we will get to the talking about sports after we start with the SOTW. Today’s menu is: Star-Spangled Banner, [Mid] West World Series, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Lemieux – Gretzky Millenial Edition. 

Let’s begin with the music…

Star-Spangled Banner: I couldn’t  figure out the Song Of The Week. Then my bro Mateo called and gave me the big news. His paperwork came through and he was now going to be sworn in as a US citizen( and New Matt, if Short Matt has his way) on Wednesday. Then later that night I witnessed the third and final Presindential debate. Watching it and the reactions following, made me wonder about the future of this country. I decided the Star-Spangled Banner was the song of the week. Put your hand across your heart and take a listen (even you tree huggers like Lefty Ward, Sam’s-A-Fan, JG Clancy & West Coast Craig)…

Now for the sports…

Starting Pitcher last time Cleveland won a title - Satchel Paige

Midwest World Series: It looks like the unprecedented will happen. It will be Chicago versus Cleveland in the World Series. A lot of people talked about Boston’s long suffering title drought but very few talk about Cleveland’s, which has lasted since World War II. Meanwhile, we are all well aware of the Cubs drought. This year somebody will break their streak, and shatter what’s left of some empty hearts.

The majority of the World Wants Chicago but this isn’t Hollywood, so there are no guarantees on a storybook ending. I wonder how Boston fans now feel about firing Francona and Epstein. Ha-Ha!!

I have great hair!

Ryan Fitzpatrick: I know I talked about him before but it is two weeks later and I am watching him ruin the Jets season. I was laughing at Bills fans last season (DJ Eberle) but they knew the deal. Since Fitzy stunk it up to end the season in Buffalo last season, he has continued to throw interception after interception. Here’s how I see things goin:
-Fitzy will continue to suck
Geno Smith will come in and get/play hurt.
-Fitzy will start again.
-With zero to lose, Fitzy will be lights out.
Maybe the Jets will cut Fitzy since he is signed for a year and give rookie Christian Mecklenburg a go.

Lemieux/Greztky Millenial Edition: After Lemieux and Greztky retired, the was talk about who would replace them. It took a while but Crosby v Overchikin has turned out to be a good duel. Now comes the Millenial Edition, Patrik Laine and Auston Matthews; two guys whose parents decided they had to spell two common names differently.

The number one and two picks in this year’s draft played in an overtime thriller, with Matthews scoring the goal to send it into overtime and Laine scoring to end it. If you take these two and complete a brain transplant to the Edmonton front office and get Connor McDavid playing to his potential, then things look bright for Canadian Hockey teams. That should be some consolation after all the Canadian sides missed the playoffs last season. My only hope is that Matthews’ being Phoenix-born and bred doesn’t give Betteman an excuse to keep the Coyotes kicking! Move them to Quebec City already.

That’s all I have… Please come back tomorrow for The Man that is everywhere and nowhere, Cheesy Bruin… And feel free to leave your thoughts below and follow us on Twitter – @JunoirBlaber & @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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