Ebs’ Hot Takes: Golden State Warriors, Giancarlo Stanton, Get Up!

WEST PITTSTON, PA – April. What a time to be alive.

The Buffalo Sabres are finally done and I can finally forget about the major disappointment they are until next season. The NBA playoffs are just days away. The MLB season is in full swing. The NFL draft is just a couple of weeks away.

Some pretty exciting stuff going on right now.

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That means a pretty exciting set of Ebs’ Hot Takes, right?

Eh, maybe.

Golden State doesn’t make it out of the West. While LeBron and the Cavs are finally winning again and the Golden State Warriors are, well, um, not.

I’m not even sure the Warriors make it to the NBA Finals again.

The Houston Rockets have home-court advantage throughout the playoffs and that’s scary. The Rockets have already shown they can beat the Warriors. Houston is a dangerous team.

And hey, are we even sure that Golden State can get to the Western Conference Finals? If the season ended today, the Warriors would get Oklahoma City. Without Steph Curry, I’m not sure they can get out of the first round in a series with the Thunder.

Watch out!

Trade Giancarlo Stanton. NOT! Yankees faithful, take a chill pill. Let’s relax a second.

Giancarlo Stanton is going to be fine. The Yankees are going to be fine. The sky is not falling.

Is it shocking that he’s recorded a pair of platinum sombreros in the span of a week? Of course. I didn’t even know a platinum sombrero was a thing until he did it on April 3 against the Rays.

But still, this is such a small sample size. Just relax.

Stanton’s still going to win the AL MVP. Watch.

ESPN’s ‘Get Up!’ is worth the watch. A lot of sports talk shows are unbearable these days. Colin Cowherd is the bright spot on FS1 these days, and even that’s a stretch because he’s pretty annoying, ‘First Take’ is awful, Dan Le Batard is a joke, half of ESPN’s analysts are homers for the teams they used to play for – I’m looking at you Teddy Bruschi – and don’t even get me started about Skip Bayless.

However, I think ESPN has something with its new morning show ‘Get Up!’

While I don’t understand why Booger McFarland was on the show for much of the week and it’s pretty clear Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose aren’t exactly dialed in on baseball, it’s been a refreshing show.

It doesn’t feel as much debatie as many of the other talk shows are these days, the trio has some nice chemistry and they’ve came up with some good segments.

While I’m surprised ESPN has a pair of talk shows airing at the same time, it’s refreshing to see them because they’re both a change of pace. ‘Golic and Wingo’ is pretty good too.

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