Grinding Ax Edition- NHL, NBA, Wright for Knicks

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Freehold, New Jersey-  Filling in for Cheesy Bruin is like opening up for Led Zeppelin.  The audience may throw objects and say bad things.  Thankfully, this is MTM where civility rules and a Dallas Cowboy fan can voice an opinion without trepidation. So here is what is on my mind on this wintery tax day.

Hey Philadelphia Fans. Congratulations on your long awaited NFL Championship.  Now learn to act like you have been there and shut your cheesesteak eating mouths until you win again! If I hear one more Flyers fan talking smack about beating the Rangers and talking about tee times for Blue Shirt players, I’m going to lose my normally congenial demeanor. I find myself doing the unthinkable. I’m going to cheer for Sidney Crosby’s Pittsburgh Penguins until the Cryers are eliminated.

Not this year

Villanova Wildcats are National Champions! Jay Wright is now the number one coach in college basketball. Winning the John Wooden Award was merely icing on the cake. What’s the next step for Jay?  Many sports talk prognosticators are spewing out predictions on his future. The NBA is the obvious move, right?  How much would the Leprechaun James Dolan dole out for GQ Jay to coach the Knicks?  Is there a number to lure Wright away from his dream job where he is the king of the Mainline?  Certainly a driven winner always strives to do more each year and never lets complacency set in.  That is why Jay Wright will stay where he is. He has built the perfect scenario for himself and his program.  He makes about 2.7 million, which is low compared to Duke Coach Mike Krzyewski’s 9 million or John Calipari hauling in 7.5 million to recruit one and done ballers.  Sure he can pimp himself out to the highest bidder but why would he trade his life for the chance to manage NBA players who have zero loyalty to a team or a city?  Villanova fans, alumni and student body love this guy and he loves them back. He lives the life that most coaches can only dream of.  His way of recruiting players who want to earn a degree along with the opportunity to play professionally is working. One and done players are not a good fit for Nova Nation.  It’s not all about the money with Jay Wright.  James Dolan must now find the perfect leader to write the next chapter of How to Make Millions off the Misery of Your Fans.

Can’t buy happiness

The NBA and NHL Playoffs have begun.   The longest two months of the year !  I find myself paying more attention to the NFL Draft than the early series each year. Listening to the sound bites day in and day out from LeBron James, Stephen A. Smith and any other ESPN “nauseant” has been replaced by my new interest in compelling TV.  I find myself choosing Suits or reruns of Vikings over these games.

Well that’s enough of my Sunday Sermon for now.  Come back tomorrow for another compelling column from DJ Eberle. 

My next offering will be a piece on why Curling will replace Rugby as America’s favorite pastime.

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