Rain Man Rants: Conor McGregor, Johnny Manziel & Lamar Odom

Rain Man Rants- Conor McGregor, Johnny Manziel & Lamar Odom, Meet_The_Matts
How NOT to look innocent and piss a judge off.

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Saturday gang! That week felt like a month, as there wasn’t much to talk about, except the horrible weather for an Opening Day, that was way too soon. As usual though, I got on my [Information Super Highway] Horse and found some diamonds in the ruff to chat about. So here’s this week’s Song of the Week, followed by the following Sports Stuff: Conor McGregor, Johnny Manziel & Lamar Odom.

Rain Man Rants- Conor McGregor, Johnny Manziel & Lamar Odom, Meet_The_Matts
“How to Make a Judge Hate You and NOT to Look Innocent” by Conor McGreggor

Song of the Week: I finally got around to seeing Black Panther. Although King Jaffe Joffer and Prince Akeem are still the only make-believe African King and Prince I will bow to, King T’Chaka and Prince T’Chala weren’t bad at all. The sound track to the movie was okay and I do like the main song that has been released.  So this week’s Song of the Week is All the Stars by Kendrick Lamar and SZA.

Conor McGregor: In the words of one of Buffalo’s greatest sons, Rick James, cocaine is a hell of a drug. I know people are claiming they are not sure what he was on and if he was on anything. Really!?! Really!?! That Irishman was on more than beer and that is a shame because a good Irish man only needs his Guinness, a good whiskey and the unrelenting pressure of Catholic guilt as his vices. Somehow though, I don’t think will affect his fame or his fan club. Those that hated him before will hate him even more now. Those that like him will brush it off as a boys night out gone out of control – but nothing more. He may lose some sponsors but that will just be until he gets in the ring again and starts winning.

Johnny Manziel: Johnny Football is working on a comeback. We all want to write Manziel off as another QB bust but in this interview, he admits a lot. He talks about how in college he didn’t play a pro system and that hurt him. Plus, he was naïve enough to believe talent was all he needed and never understood the hard work behind the scenes, like studying film and playbooks when he was a rookie. He says went to a team that had a coaching staff that didn’t want him, didn’t work to coach him up to be ready, and a co-worker in Brian Hoyer that didn’t work with him. Now, we all know Brett Favre never welcomed Aaron Rodgers but it never did Discount Double Check any harm. However, Maziel talks about how in year 2, when Josh McCown (current Jet) was brought in with a new coaching staff, McCown really mentored him in understanding what it takes to be QB in the NFL. As a J-E-T-S fan, I find the McCown part very much in line with who McCown is, especially after last season and Head Coach Todd Bowles stating that McCown easily has a future in coaching if he chooses to pursue it. I think the Jets should sign McCown to a 4-5 year contract that makes him a QB and when he retires he moves into being the QB coach.

Lamar Odom: I normally enjoy hearing about a guy getting his life back together – but not quite this one. Apparently, Lamar Odom, the guy notorious for going into a drug induced coma while at a whore house – while married to a Khartrashian – seems to be back… sort off. He has kicked his crack addiction through the use of marijuana and wants to open a weed business. As a socially liberal guy, I have long believed weed should be legal but Lamar Odom is not the face you want associated with the legalization movement. Go back in the shadows, Lamar and stay quiet before you besmirch the movement’s name. Probably the worst advocate ever.

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