Where will LeBron land?: Ranking the King’s top destinations

FROM THE PRESS BOX – It’s been a slow week in the sports world.

The U.S. Open was a sham. And I’m sorry, but it’s hard to watch the World Cup when the United States isn’t in it. It just doesn’t interest me. Is it just me or am I the only one who’s frustrated after wasting two hours or so on a 1-1 draw?

So, why not rank LeBron James’ most likely free-agent destinations instead of a new set of hawt taeks?

I can only write so many columns that include the New York Yankees, right?

Here we go!

No. 5: Miami Heat

Look, I don’t think the Heat are a real option here, but I needed a fifth team and Bron and Dwyane Wade are best buds. So there’s that.

No. 4: Los Angeles Lakers

LA is definitely appealing.

There’s a lot of cap space, it’s LA and Magic Johnson seems to have the Lakers back on track.

The Lakers have the ability to bring James, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard together. That’s one heck of a super team.

However, will they have the pieces around them to compete right away. That I don’t know, which is what makes the Lakers lower on the list.

Also, does LeBron really want to get play with Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma? And does he want to get involved with Lavar Ball, too?

No. 3: Houston Rockets

If the Rockets can find out a way to re-sign Chris Paul and Clint Capela and bring in James, that’d be quite the team.

It would be a better Big Three than Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson/Draymond Green. They could challenge the Golden State Warriors right away.

However, James has dominated the Eastern Conference for years and I think it would be tough for him to head out west. He’s proved how weak of a team he can carry to the Finals. Why risk it by playing the Warriors early on in the playoffs and miss out on the Finals all together?

Despite what Vegas says, I have a tough time believing he’ll go west. It would be a bad basketball move no matter what team he joins. Except for maybe the Warriors, but that’s a completely different story for another day.

No. 2: Cleveland Cavaliers

At this stage of his life, does James really want to pick up his family and move again?

While James might not be able to build the best team around him with the Cavaliers, they’ll still be the favorite to come out of the East next year.

Remember, never bet against LeBron James in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

No. 1: Philadelphia Sixers

Look, I’m not ranking the Sixers No. 1 because I jumped on the Sixers bandwagon when I moved to Pennsylvania two year ago.

They are his best option. Plain and simple.

The Sixers are already primed to contend in the East for years to come. With LeBron in the mix, they could really challenge the Warriors. Maybe even take them down. Do the Warriors really have someone to match up against Joel Embiid while being able to keep James and Ben Simmons in check at the same time? No.

I understand that Simmons is already considered a Baby LeBron and Embiid needs the ball in his hands to be effective, but doesn’t every star want the ball in his hands?

It worked pretty well for CP3 and James Harden, right?

If James wants to win a title now, the Sixers are his best bet.

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