Rain Man Rants: Conor Daly, Michelle Beadle, Julius Thomas and Players’ Weekend in MLB

Rain Man Rants: LeSean McCoy, Lakers, Lebron and World Cup WondersEL BARRIO, EL FALLS – It was another late night with the Princess of the Blaber house so, I was real exhausted when I put this together. Today will be hodgepodge of event from the week and not completely dominated by football. So here is the topic list for today: Conor Daly, Michelle Beadle, Julius Thomas and Players’ Weekend in MLB. 

Conor Daly: I had never heard of Conor Daly until I came across his story this week. Apparently his dad was a famous racer and now a race analyst and he admitted to using the N-word a decades ago, before Conor was even born. Conor’s sponsor Eli Lilly, pulled their sponsorship because of it. No one has ever heard Conor use the word but because his dad did decades ago, Conor pays. After seeing companies overreact like Disney did in the James Gunn case, you have to wonder who are the heads of these companies? I mean there is more panic than there is commonsense.

Michell Beadle: If you don’t know Beadle, she is one of the female sportscasters on ESPN. She is usually the non-former pro athlete that hosts debates or discussion on shows. Earlier this week, after Ohio State Suspended Urban Meyer for 3 games she said she was done with College Football because Meyer clearly lied and covered-up a horrific thing but in there interest of fame and money, OSU said whatever. She also said she was done with the NFL and their lack of concern when it came to domestic abuse. I actually can’t blame her or anyone especially a woman for not wanting to be support this cash grab.

Julius Thomas: If you have heard of Thomas it is because you are a fantasy football fan. Thomas had a good run as Tight End, making the Pro Bowl twice while play 9 or so seasons in the league for Denver, Jacksonville and Miami. Miami most recently cut him and Thomas is making news with his retirement plans. Thomas at the age of 30 plans to go back to college and get a Ph.D in psychology to study CTE. As a former football player he feels he owes it to himself and future generations to find out as much as he can.

Players Weekend in MLB: This weekend is Major League Baseball’s players’ weekend. They are encouraging players to change the names on the back of their jerseys to whatever works for them. Show their personality or pay homage to someone they care about. But as we all know this is a another marketing gimic to get people to the ballpark. My Mets suck so unless you have them writing the Wilpons are only about the money on their backs, no thanks.

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