Rain Man Rants: Cy Young De Grom, McCarron Injured, Free Beer Browns, Lynch’s GoFund Me

Rain Man Rants: LeSean McCoy, Lakers, Lebron and World Cup WondersEL BARRIO, EL FALLS – The princess of the Blaber house seems to have a disdain for bedtime come the weekend. So, of course she goes to bed late so I am posting late. Anyway, I had two parts of today’s piece all done earlier in the week so the final two came with light research. The NFL takes up 3 parts but that is the only sport worth paying attention. So here is the topic list for today: Cy Young De Grom, McCarron Injured, Free Beer Browns, Lynch’s GoFund Me.

Cy Young De Grom: Jacob de Grom is 7-7 but there is legit discussion and a case for him to win the Cy Young. JdG has the lowest ERA in the national league and leads or is 2nd in other categories but is 4th from the bottom in run support. He went a whole month winless despite being virtually unstoppable but lost all 5 games. The guy de Grom is up against is Max Schrezer who is often the guy that is second in the categories de Grom is leading or de Grom is behind. The biggest thing Schrezer has going for him is he is 15-5 and that maybe the deciding factor though I am not sure it should be.

Bills AJ McCarron Injured: elves That loud boom you heard last night was Buffalo Bills fans taking a deep breath. The stop gap QB the Bills traded for AJ McCarron got hurt in the second pre-season game of the season. McCarron Injured his collarbone and will be gone for the remainder of the preseason and the first 4 games of the season most likely. So now the question is do the Bills start Nathan Peterman , a QB drafted to be the next big thing but won’t be and is now viewed as an insurance policy or the highly touted but raw, first round pick, Josh Allen. Some are saying just to he’ll with it start the rookie, but coming off of finally making the playoffs the Bills are smarter starting Peterman hoping to win a game or two, get McCarron back and try to make the playoffs. I will leave it here for DJ Eberle to finish.

Free Beer Browns: As the Browns haven’t won a game in 2 years, Budweiser came up with an insane event. Budweiser will have 8 fridges holding 200 beers all over the stadium and another bunch of fridges located around the city. As soon as the Browns get their first official win, the fridges will open up and feel beer for anyone nearby. This will end in a party crazier than when Philly won the Super Bowl, in all likelihood.

Lynch’s GoFund Me: Normally a GoFund Me related to an athlete is cause they have fallen on hard times or doing a charity. Not in the case of Paxton Lynch. Lynch was poor last season and hasn’t looked any better this season so a Broncos fan has started a Go Fund Me page to come up with the 600K salary cap hit to the Franchise for them to get rid of Lynch. This fan needs to talk to our writer Cam James who is good for a few hundred.

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