Big Ben Tuesday: Things We Got Way too Excited About, Way Too Early – Mark Sanchez, Kevin Maas, the 2018 Mets

The North Pole: It’s that time of year everyone! The Post-Thanksgiving bliss when every retailer in the land (which in six months will just mean “Amazon”), can quit the pretense and get serious about slamming holiday “bargains” down our throats. Chill back, it’s not even December. But in that spirit, let’s take a look at sport things that people have gotten way too excited about, way too early. That opening felt a little Angry Ward-sy, but let’s push on anyway.

It didn’t really matter

Mark Sanchez

Even early in his career, when he was being carried deep into the playoffs by a great D and good running game, Sanchez would still have the not-uncommon brain fart where he was looking one way, then turn and indiscriminately fire it to the other side of the field into the arms of a surprised defender.

Jets’ fans had the excuses ready. “He’s young and only started one season at USC.” One incredulous co-worker literally walked away laughing when I had the temerity to say we hadn’t yet seen enough of Sanchez yet to start measuring his bust for Canton. (Measuring busts is my day job, FYI.)

I’d like to propose the term “Sanchizing” as a term to use when a once promising career starts to sour. For example, Carson Wentz’s career is sanchizing. Let’s make that one stick people.

Has the Sanchizing begun?

Kevin Maas and Shane Spencer

I admit it, I got a little carried away with these two. These dudes came out of the gate mashing, then dropped off like me after my third piece of pie and fourth bottle glass of wine on Thanksgiving. Now we have to listen to Mets fans chuckle the name “Kevin Maas” manically every time a Yankee gets off to a hot start. Let ’em have it, they don’t have much.

Mets Fans Every April

This year’s Mets started 11-1. As predictable as April rain, Mets’ fans through caution to the wind and rejoiced, while the baseball world yawned. They won only 66 more games. Good thing they held on to both aces though.

The next Mickey Mantle, they said

Jameis and Mariota

There was some talk back then that Marcus Mariota might be better than Jameis Winston and should be the number one pick. Chip Kelly, then coach of the Eagles, was said to be looking at trading the farm to move up and get him? Well it didn’t really matter, they both aren’t that good.

It’s not a good sign for your career when you’re in a QB controversy with Ryan Fitzpatrick. And I feel pretty safe saying Mariota’s ceiling has dropped to “eh, pretty good. There are worse QBs.”

On the Filip Side, let’s get excited about…

The New York Rangers

A lot of people think the Rangers are not contenders and should go full tank to get a better draft pick, especially after a huge dud against the struggling Flyers and an uneven performance against the Capitals over the weekend. But do not count me among these people.

The Rangers may already have their superstar in young Filip Chytil. This kid is only 19 and he’s already making waves. It’s early, but young coach David Quinn seems like the right hire for a team with a good young nucleus.

Is this handsome lad the future of the Rangers?

A few comments that make me think they’re headed in the right direction:

New forward Ryan Strome after his first practice said he “couldn’t believe the work ethic these guys had.”

Forward and oft mentioned trade bait, Kevin Hayes, said “If you are not working hard, you are not playing. That’s coach’s rules.”

I’m fired up.

Texas Football Teams

While not their conference’s favorites, don’t sleep on the Cowboys or Texans. The two Lone Star State teams are more complete teams than some of the big boys. That’s right, I’m looking at you, KC Defense.

The Cowboys aren’t built to win a barnburner, but if they play from the front, with their defense and running game, they could surprise in the NFC.

And after a slow start, the Texans are rolling on both sides of the ball. Their offense functions better when there is a true threat opposite DeAndre Hopkins, and Demaryius Targaryen Thomas has provided that in place of the oft injured Will Fuller. When emerging slot receiver Keke Coutee (fantastic name) comes back from injury, they’ll be even more dangerous.

It’s never too early to get excited for Angry Ward, who will be here tomorrow. Follow us on Twitter at @BenWhit8, @MeetTheMatts, @Matt_McCarthy00, Instagram @MeetTheMatts and like our Facebook page, Meet The Matts.

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