Rain Man Rants: Josh McCown, Knicks Doing It Right And Dez Bryant

Josh McCown

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS: Hey did you hear about the beer chugging TD celebration by that CFL lineman? Of course you did because we talked about it here already and it is all over TV. This is the challenge of writing on Saturday but I did some digging and found a few gems. On the menu for today are Josh McCown, Knicks Doing It Right And Dez Bryant!

Josh McCown

Josh McCown: The Jets finally benched Sam Darnold. Well not really unfortunately for a Jets fans, well this Jet fan anyway. It is clear that Darnold may break the record for interceptions thrown by a Rookie QB. Heck, he stands a chance of breaking it outright. Despite that the Jets organization still fully back the kid. However, Arnold has knock making him unavailable to play against the Buffalo Bills, so in steps McCown. My heart goes out to McCown. He has been told that no matter how good he plays, he will go back to number 2 guy. Many including myself thought McCown should have started and Darnold should have been made to sit and watch. McCown is a guy who in 16 years has played in 16 different systems and it makes you wonder if he would be given the chance to start and stay in a system for more than one year if he could actually fashion a team into being at least competitive. I mean Case Keenum got the Vikings to the NFC championship game and Trent Dilfer has a Super Bowl ring so who knows. In the meantime, McCown is a quality back-up something the Bills wish they had rather than Nathan Peterman.

Knicks Doing It The Right Way: The NY Knicks are terrible!! This is not an article congratulating them on anything positive on the court. Well they do play a very good 3 quarters of basketball, unfortunately the game is 4 quarters long. The thing they are doing right is being patient, for once in their lives. We hope they keep doing it but with Jim Dolan as their owner, you never know. The Knicks changed their front office and changed their head coach with the long game in mind. By making David Fizdale head coach, the Knicks are looking for a for a guy that works well with young players and can make them competitive. Fizdale is that guy to teach hard work, teamwork and all that stuff to a young team. Although they are tough to watch right now and the ticket prices and concession costs won’t go down, they are moving in the right direction. I hope this time they don’t do something stupid and trade away a burgeoning young talent for a big name as they have done over the last decade. Keep stinking it up, get a high draft pick, pick a good player in the draft, add a very good free agent that plays well with kids and soon the Knicks will be a top 4 home seed in the NBA playoffs.

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant: Earlier this week, I was talking with people about how landing with the Saints was the best thing for Dez. I mean you don’t have to be really open for Drew Brees to get you the ball. He has made decent receivers into big time receivers then back to mediocre as soon as they leave New Orleans. Every analyst thought this was a great move for all involved. However, it looks like Dez has been out of practice too long. After a couple of practices is looks like Bryant partially tore his Achilles. I know the feeling of being out of practice then going hard again, because it is how I tore my Achilles. If it is as bad as expected Dez is gone for a year and will have to sign a league minimum next season.

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