Boston Championships, Kaepernick Wins, High Flying Bird

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS: Didn’t mean to pull “a DJ” last weekend but it happened. I had the New York Rugby Club 90th Anniversary celebration to get to and due to bad weather I arrived Friday night and had no time to write. However, I am back now and I have three key things to get off my chest. They are: Boston Championships, Kaepernick’s Win  & a High Flying Bird. 

Let’s get these Boston Championships out of the way…

Boston Championships: I may have talked about this before but this is my 1st post since the Patriots won the Super Bowl. I am so glad I am grown man with bills, mortgage and daycare costs to deal with or I would be really sad. I am sure BoSoxBruin and Cheesy Bruin are happy but to me this is insane.

The Red Sox and Patriots are the champions at the same time. Boston has had this incredible run since 2000 and they have all these titles with just 4 teams, while NY has 8… if you include Brooklyn. I think even their MLS team has won during that time.

I have always looked at Boston, New York, and Philadelphia as siblings. What is funny is Boston is screaming for respect and recognition while NY is the oldest son and Lord of the Manor. NY will always have the respect and admiration of the world, while Philly has always been the middle child. Never getting the love it deserves but never always having a hissy fit or chip on its shoulder like Boston. That is why Boston will always suck, they are poor sports and sour winners.

Kaepernick Wins: Colin Kaeprnick an Eric Reid won their lawsuit against the NFL. Technically, they came to a settlement with the league for an undisclosed amount. The reason it should count as a victory is because they got the NFL to settle. Last time the NFL was made to settle was concussion protocols. They don’t settle lightly, especially when you consider the challenges that Kaep’s legal team had to prove. They had to prove that Kaep and Reid were blackballed, players not as good as them were signed and that the NFL owners and the league in some capacity communicated and decided not to sign Kaep. That is a tall order and one Kaep may not have been able to overcome. However, the judge had thrown out an NFL request to dismiss the case and seemed inclined to give Kaep’s lawyer a wide birth to prove their case. Combine this with the fact that the NFL owners would be on trail, and lord knows what horrible thing may come out about the behind the scenes process of football/league operations. That was too big a gamble for the league to take so they folded like a lawn chair. Congrats Kaep and Reid.

High Flying Bird: Sports movies are often hit and miss. Especially when they try and comment on society and don’t focus on the interaction of sports. However, this move does a great job of it. It is directed by Steven Soderbergh, who has directed Ocean’s Eleven and written by the writer of Moonlight. It is as good as expected. Great one-on-one scenes between the actors who make their interaction captivating. What does it get wrong? Well, it is supposed to be NYC and it doesn’t look crowded or dirty enough. Two surprises are that it was on Netflix and it is inspired by Dr. Harry Edwards, the foremost sociologist on African-American studies in the country and one of the creators of Kwanzaa. Check it out, it is worth your time.

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