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Junoir_Blaber, USA Soccer, USMNT, Taylor_Twellman, Gregg Berhalter, Meet_The_Matts

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – I apologize for my no call no-show last week. I stayed up late the night before and had a diet of snacks and No-Doze on Friday and my body just crashed. Did I mention my massive headache?  Today I am back, however, and almost healthy. With that, here’s a mixed bag of topics to discuss today: My Major Sports Recap, USA Soccer, Taylor Twellman.

Major Sports Recap:

MLB – I think we are in the championship series phase and I know the Nationals and Yankees are involved but that is all I know. After the Mets confirmed there would be no playoffs, baseball was dead to me.

NBA – I walked into my barbershop today and they were watching a NBA pre-season game. Why, I don’t know? I had no idea when the season started. I told them the NBA season was over for me after free agency. As a Knicks fan, once they lost out there, I decided to not watch one Knick game all season.

NFL – I still stand by my declaration after Week 1, that the season was over for the J-E-T-S. I know I could be wrong but I just don’t see how. Them proving the Cowboys are paper tigers doesn’t or shouldn’t surprise anyone. “They are who we thought they were.” Everyone is still chasing the Patriots and they will be 8-0 before they face any real competition.

NHL – The season is so young, it is tough to make anything out of the performances we are seeing. 5 games is hardly a proper sample size when you look at the length of the season. So let’s check back in two months. Right now don’t panic. Let these teams, especially the Rangers, prove to you they are playoff-ready or not.

USA Soccer vs Canada: In a major shock in the soccer world, on Tuesday the USA played Canada and lost 2-0. That’s right, not in hockey but in soccer! The USA lost to Canada. I can’t even be bothered to do the research and find out when they last lost to Canada but it is that outrageous. The two sides play again in November but I don’t think it the trauma from this defeat will wear off soon for fans. The coach who thinks he knows better than everyone will say this is no big deal but Gregg Berhalter is wrong. This is a very big deal. World Cup qualifiers are around the corner and we can’t be messing around/struggling to beat Canada, if the we hope to qualify for Qatar! Get it together people!

Taylor Twellman: I have a new favorite commentator. Listening to him react after the USA loss to Canada, Twellman was excellent. It wasn’t his anger and dismay, it was his tone and timing. Being an American-born and bred commentator means he often has to be cheerleader for the organization and sport. He can’t breakout the knives all the time. However, like his viral meltdown following the failure to qualify for the World Cup, this take of “What are we doing?” was chef’s kiss perfect.

Junoir_Blaber, USA Soccer, USMNT, Taylor_Twellman, Gregg Berhalter, Meet_The_Matts

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