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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – I missed my turn in the lineup last week due to some chronic from a very great and thoughtful friend. It was called Vanilla Frosting and man was it sweet! Short Matt was miffed and didn’t include my NFL picks which went 3-1 during his eleventh hour pinch hit appearance. This week I have some strong opinions over recent sports items.

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Cheesy Bruin and his Wang.

Hall of Fame

Much was made of Jeets not being a unanimous vote for enshrinement to Cooperstown. Does it really fricking matter? He’s in and that’s all that counts which leads me to the other feted new member this coming summer. Larry Walker??? Huh? Did I miss something? Another gross mistake by the BBWAA that is making the upstate NY museum the Hall of Very Good if that. Ten years on the ballot says all you need to know for the Colorado Canuck who just barely surpassed the required 75% . I just had to look at his career numbers because that’s what it’s all about. A shade over 2K hits and 300 dingers isn’t anywhere near worthy of greatness. Sure, the 1100+ ribbies and career .318 average is nothing to sneeze at but he played his salad years in the high altitude in Denver. On the top of my head Walker’s career numbers probably fall short of Al Oliver and definitely don’t match Dave Parker, Fred McGriff, or Albert Belle. I’d put Thurman Munson and Don Mattingly in on short careers before LW. The voters made a monumental mistake on this one. I didn’t pay much attention to how the accused steroid users fared but from what I’m told none made significant strides in the voting so it doesn’t look like they’ll ever get in and I’m fine with that so the writers are getting something correct I suppose.

Eli Manning

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Eli is the Manning I would take to win one playoff game any day of the week. And I’m a Cowboys fan. Two Super Bowl wins and that is enough for a HOF resume in my estimation (Jim Plunkett deserves better). He beat the dynamic duo up in New England twice! Those two SB MVP’s are a joke since it was the Giant defense that stole those games. Eli also had to endure some poor head coaches outside of Tom Coughlin, was durable enough to put a consecutive games streak unseen in this era until a douche named McAdo started Geno Smith. I still chuckle at that one. One more thing, Manning is a fellow Elk and I love him for that alone.

Luis Rojas Bwaha.

It’s such a Mets move. Let’s hire a guy with no MLB managing experience so we don’t have to pay him accordingly. Let’s ask him to survive in the world’s largest media market. Let’s not take our time interviewing household names and scoop up a nobody before another team grabs him. Met brass is clearly using as a hiring vehicle. Short Matt was in line as bench boss per SNY, who stated his perseverance through countless concussions would help his relationship with the NY press.

Okay, I’m done. Check in next week for my Super Bowl predictions. And come back tomorrow for somebody scrambling to fill in for Junoir Blaber who forgot he requested the Monday slot.

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