Monday Morning QB: Super Bowl Review

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday! Well that was an entertaining Super Bowl and to me I guess, the good guys won but it wasn’t a bad game overall. So now let’s talk about what happened with Monday morning QB, yours truly. Lets look at the review of the match-up, the game, and people I am most happy.

The Match-up

I heard on talk radio a while back that despite how much people say they like small-market teams winning championships and rooting for the underdog, ratings usually go down when one of the non-major cities are in these championship games. So that means when the Yankees are playing baseball ratings actually go down in the World Series and so on and so far and I guess it also applies to teams that the whole Nation hate. That would be the case with this year’s Super Bowl as without the Patriots in it, there wasn’t as much “God, I hope they don’t win feeling,” going on with rooting against them with a bunch of people. But I clearly had a team I was rooting for which was Kansas City for several reasons.

Lamar Hunt, there with KC since the beginning

Why I rooted for Kansas City

The first reason I was rooting for them is the fact that they have never  won it, while San Francisco, won it a bunch of times it in the 80s and 90s. The second being that the former owner well deceased owner of Kansas City is Lamar Hunt and the Hunt Family still owns Kansas City. Also, if you are a US Soccer Fan, the name Lamar Hunt rings a lot of bells (like Sunday at 12pm) as he has been one of the largest supporters of soccer in America, so much so that what is known as the US Open Cup (which is essentially an open tournament for every team from full-fledged MLS team to bar league and is the oldest soccer competition in US soccer history and on par with England’s FA Cup has been named after Lamar Hunt and is officially known as the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup so those are just part of my reasons for rooting for Kansas City. Another reason I was rooting for Kansas City is I am still on Team Colin Kaepernick and the way he was treated by the city of San Francisco and the team really still bothers me. Right now San Francisco has the anti Colin Kaepernick, their massive MAGA hat wearing number one pick, Nick Bosa and nobody’s complaining about him. Or how much he tweets ridiculously Pro Trump stuff and all of that because you know. I don’t know exactly but I have my theories from the way he looks, to the way the media is and let not forget the way the NFL is and everything else.

The Game

The game itself was actually pretty good. I didn’t watch all of it as I kind of went in and out so I really watched the second in the fourth quarter so I didn’t see San Francisco scoring. I just saw Kansas City going on its runs and it seemed to at least be a competitive game and you kept thinking for a minute that San Fran, could pull it off and is this Andy Reid being Andy Reid. In the end, though the Chiefs offense got it together because as everybody knows that offense is hard to stop and actually you can’t stop them but you can slow them down for a little while, but they will get on it sometime and  you just have to have a big enough lead to hold them off.

People I cheered for

Andy Reid
Topping the list of the people I’m happy for his Andy Reid. The guy is a great offensive coach, quarterbacks coach,  and  as a head coach has been one of the best regular-season coaches in NFL history he just has always struggled in the playoffs. He had a great run with Philly despite the many times they won their division they struggled to win the conference and the time that they won the conference and made the Super Bowl, was the infamous choke and just poor played, poorly coach one that really disappointed a lot of Eagles fans and onlookers. This time Reid didn’t choke, his offense didn’t choke, the defense got the job done and they came up clutch. They let themselves fall a little behind but stormed back then  fell behind again stormed back and then they just never look back. Even when it looked bad in the 4th quarter, you always felt that they kept themselves and touching distance and it wasn’t a hundred percent choke job like one or two plays go their way and they could pull it off and they did.

Eric Bienemy
Next on the list, of course is Eric Bienemy. For me, the guy is just awesome. He’s done everything an aspiring head coach can do. I’ve been campaigning for him to be a head coach now but a second straight season maybe after next year when he is again the offensive coordinator of the Super Bowl winning team and arguably the top offense in the league. I mean what more does he need to be besides the obvious “you know what I mean”. Everyone is ok with a position coach with the Patriots getting hired but this guy can’t get hired because we’re allegedly worried about play calling. I mean come on already. But it’s okay, cause in my dream world, he goes on to win another Superbowl with the Chiefs while the Jets get rid of Adam Gase and he becomes the next Jets head coach at least that’s what I hope happens.

KC Defense
The final team or people I’m happy for the Kansas City defense. At the last year’s offside call, sorry I mean lining up in the neutral zone that let the Patriots beat and make the Super Bowl, I am happy for them. I’m glad that all the guys got back together and kept it together for the game last night the defense bent a little bit but I was there when he needed to and did the key things needed to get the ball back in the offenses hands got a couple of turnovers made sure the Kansas City turnovers wine absolutely deadly and that’s all you can ask for my defense.

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