Monday Morning QB: Basketball Hall of Fame Class, Kyle Walker and E-Sports

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Hello. Happy Monday, sports fans. I don’t know about you but I am starting to run out of sports stuff to talk about to fill the space as the Covid-19 virus continues to destroy sports as we know it. Here is what I scrounaged up for a menu today: 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Class, Kyle Walker and E-Sports.

2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Class:

Now, of course, the death of Kobe Bryant is going to overshadow a lot of the other nominees but there some other impressive inductees in this group. You got, Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett which notmuch needs to be said about them. 2 time NBA championship winning coach Rudy Tomjonavich will never be forgotten as it makes me mad because it was his Rockets hat denied my Knicks the title during that stretch where Jordan was out for two years. Then you got it yeah Tamika Catchings, a college basketball All-Star, Olympic gold medalist and WNBA championship winner along with the legendary coaches Barbara Stevens and Eddie Sutton, who took two very different paths to being successful coaches in the college game.

Kyle Walker: So you’ve never heard of Kyle Walker, understandable. He’s a soccer player for Manchester City Football Club, the reigning champions of the English Premier League. He’s in the news because while he was tweeting stay at home and avoid the coronavirus, him and buddy we’re hosting some sort of orgy with a couple professional sex workers. Essentially sports stars going to live that sports star life I guess and you know apologies arw accepted and blah blah blah but I mean all that money and nothing to do with it, it was bound to happen.

E-Sports: With all of what is going on, it looks like sports is not going to become a thing until the coronavirus of the field. E-sports just feels so silly and weird and I can’t believe people actually get paid to sit down and play video games. But that’s the way it looks like it’s headed and I can see Vegas taking bets in the meantime we can all just pray that this thing is over, and we can get back to real sport.

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