Is Fernando Tatis MLB’s Rick DiPietro? Is Trump Behind Vegas Knights Schmaltz?

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NEW YORK, NY – Stop the ride, I want to get off. THIS JUST IN: We’ve gone bat-shipth crazy ladies and gents, literally, with this Coronavirus stuff. It’s now permeating the brains of professional sports executives & stars. Need proof, consider these questions: Is Fernando Tatis MLB’s Rick DiPietro? Is Trump Behind Vegas Knights Schmaltz?

Let’s try and answer them.

Fernando Tatis & Rick DiPietro

Somewhere, likely on a sun-splashed white sand beach in the NHL heavens, Charles Wang in smiling. He is no longer the craziest sports owner or executive in the history of sports brass. Or is he? On the surface, the San Diego Padres forking over $340,000,000.00 over the next 14 years to Fernando Tatis, Jr. screams of folly. Is this just a really dopey move by Chairman Peter Seidler and GM A. J. Preller? Perhaps it’s a stroke of fiscal genius, what with the way salaries have skyrocketed – again – overnight. Ask Jacob deGrom about Trevor Bauer’s contract, for instance. The history of Richard W. DiPietro Jr.‘s deal with Wang’s Islanders would have us believing this as nutty as it gets. BUT maybe, the nutty party in the deal is Tatis. Apparently, FT II (TM) owes Big League Advance (BLA) $27,000,000.00. (Jesus, $270.00 makes me perspire.) for fronting him petty cash ($500,000.00 is a guess) while he was a minor leaguer. BLA basically gives promising players cash for a piece of their future. Time will tell if the Padres or Tatis made the right move, respectively, but I have a question:

At 22 years-old, couldn’t he have lived without whatever bling he needed and lived on the salaries he was paid? The money wasn’t that bad for someone that young. Hell, I’ve lived on less for, well… ever. That fancy car or house with a pool at 19, cost him 3o mil just 3 years later. THIRTY MILLION.

Just sayin…


Did Trump Buy the Vegas Golden Knights?

We now have good reason to belive that former President Donald J. Trump has put politics in the rearview mirror and is back in the American professional sports game. Our non-existent sources tell us that the proof was in the pudding as per the wardrobe choice by the Las Vegas Golden Knights of the NHL. The aforementioned contrived sources say the #POTUS45 impact was immediate, as he commanded the LVGK equipment manager to “…schmaltz it up. I want gold helmets. Schmaltzy gold. It’s terrific. You’re fired.” Maybe, just maybe, this is a sign things are getting back to normal levels of crazy.

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