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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday – and a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all our fans that are mothers. Outside of the majority of MTM WaGs and Cookie, not sure who it applies to. As for today’s topics, I will cover: DK Metcalf, Bob Baffert & Albert Pujols.

DK Metcalf

There have been plenty of NFL athletes that could have been Track & Field stars in high school or college who leave it behind once they go pro. DK Metcalf of the Seattle Seahawks decided to try his hand at professional track and field, which he hasn’t done since high school at the USA Track and Field Golden Games on Sunday afternoon. He finished dead last in his 100-meter heat and his time of 10.37 seconds on Sunday, finishing 15th out of the 18 competitors in the preliminary heats and 0.41 seconds behind the eventual winner, Cravon Gillespie. However, Metcalf has decided that he will look to try his luck again in the Olympic trials.

Bob Baffert

The winningest trainer in horse racing history just got a massive asterisk on his name. Baffert is still a seven-time Kentucky Derby winner trainer but his latest victory with Medina Spirit is in trouble. Not a scientist, but the horse tested at high levels for a banned substance and now the investigating begins and Baffert is sweating it. If it continues to get deeper, Spirit’s win will be erased and then there will be greater scrutiny. It may lead to even more titles stripped from Baffert. This is gonna be a mega scandal and it will cause some serious ripple effects for the US horse racing industry. This is one of those things that has everyone holding their breathe.

Cam James (left) and fellow Die-Hard St Louis fans.

Albert Pujols

So this will likely get Cam James’ attention. After Albert Pujols left St. Louis, everyone wondered why he would go to Anaheim because everyone knows the Angels are destined to never win anything. And to no one’s great surprise, after 9 seasons of winning nothing, the two side decided to part ways. There is a whole lot of he said/he said going on but Pujols was not performing. On May 6, 2021, Pujols was designated for assignment. Through 24 games, Pujols was hitting .198/.250/.372 with 5 home runs. There was nothing Anahiem could do with that and it doesn’t look like Albert was gonna turn it around anytime soon, so he had to be let go. Anahiem has the talent to compete and hired Joe Maddon a while back but they look to be going nowhere. Pujols will likely DH somewhere and maybe find form in the right line-up… but that is not a definite. Not sure who will make out best of this divorce as its too early to say.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who will not be DFA’d or running at the Olympic trials.

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