Sports Rain Man: Roberto Alomar, NY Jets Draft Grade, Man U Fans

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Junoir Blaber

EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday! I won’t make this a separate talking point but after watching Jacob deGrom give up 1 run and lose earlier in the week, I agree with Angry Ward – the Mets don’t deserve deGrom. As for the points I do want to talk about today: Roberto Alomar, NY Jets Draft Grade, Man U Fans

Roberto Alomar

Apparently, it helps to have a good editor. Short Matt called me about my draft, in which I said Robbie Alomar was permanently ineligible for the Baseball Hall of Fame. He “reminded” me that he’s been in since 2011, and that Alomar’s appearance on MTM in 2010 helped get him in. I told him I just read the headlines on Google. He told me to do that thing that begins with an R. I said, “Rum? You know I am a whiskey man!” He meant “research” and when I did some, I discovered Alomar is ineligible to work in baseball because of the 2014 Sexual Assault allegations. So Alomar is banned from all work with MLB, after an independent investigation and Commissioner Rob Manfred intervieiwing him. I mean, Manfried went straight King with this – no trial and banishment. Alomar may be no angel but considering some of the other allegations around current players in baseball, this is ridiculous. Give the man his day in court, as he asks for in his only statement:


NY Jets Draft Grade

I can’t ignore that the NFL Draft happened this weekend – even if I didn’t pay much attention… Like many people expected, the Jets drafted Zach Wilson. I am not too big on him only because the Jets can never get a QB pick right and here we go, once again drafting a guy after one great season in college. They gave a couple of picks up to get the best interior lineman in the draft in the first round. This makes sense, as quality protection will be key. They then drafted a receiver and running back before making a run on defenders, mainly line backers and secondary. It will take until the end of preseason, when the final roster is announced, for a proper read on the picks but most people give the Jets a B- and I would agree with that. Funny sidenote is the Jets drafted Michael Carter from North Carolina and then in the next round they grabbed Michael Carter II from Duke.

Manchester United Fans

After attempting to join a breakaway league, the Glazer family, owners of the Tampa Bay Bucs and Manchester United, have faced protests from fans at the teams stadium and training grounds. It culminated yesterday when fans stormed the stadium before the Manchester U and Liverpool teams arrived at the stadium and forced the match to be postponed. The Glazers, through their public persona or lack there of, make perfect villains. Plus, the way they use the soccer team to generate revenue they can use to pay their other expenses  – including the Bucs’ expensive roster moves, make them deserving of the scorn from fans. Storming the stadium is a bit much, however. It also deprives us far-distant fans from watching the game. And there is collateral damage; NFL Insider Jay Glazer got attacked on social media, as people thought he was part of the Glazer family. Poor guy.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for Ben Whitney, who totally deserves public attention.

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