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BLOOMINGBURG, NY – This column is brought to you by The Strain of the MonthBubba Kush (a combination of Bubba Smith and Arizona State football coach/taskmaster Frank Kush).

So I saw a sports news item that a female US Olympic track star was penalized in some fashion for testing positive for marijuana. Good Lord! Not marijuana! So, in a world that has decriminalized Mexican lettuce, athletes are still paying the price for using it. Why should these performers be any different from the masses? Athletes Lives Matter!

I also need to know how ganja enhances one’s performance when it makes me slower than I already am, want to eat everything in site, rub one out or mount play pinch -n- tickle with KellyAnn (if she’s around), and take a nap. There’s also been comparison between this gal and Michael Phelps weed use but if I remember he wasn’t competing at the time. Richardson was and therefore tested, but it shouldn’t make a difference, honestly.

Speaking of Phelps, I might be able to approach his 6,000 calorie per day diet if I toked daily but opt to do so only when my physical pain is beyond the norm, which is the main reason why athletes deserve to manage their ailments with a natural pain killer rather than addictive pharmaceutical opioids. The viewing public are the beneficiaries of watching athletes and organization’s attempts at putting the best product out there and maintaining players health and recovery from injury now and in the future. There are plenty of tales of opioid abuse and addiction post playing career, but we need to soften rules against marijuana use in all sports. I don’t want my bus driver or train conductor high while on the job but there is a time and place – and dosage – for everything.

That’s it for me today, comment below and come back tomorrow for our stoned (people throw rocks at him) bus driver, Junoir Blaber.

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