Sports Rain Man: Olympic Dumpster Fire, Taijuan Walker Blunder, Coco Gauff, IL for deGrom

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I am doing another all-nighter putting this piece together as we prepare for a long week ahead. I hope today piece brings but it is pretty depressing information unless you don’t like the Olympics and or the Mets. Today we will talk about… Olympic Dumpster Fire, Taijuan Blunder, Coco Gauff, IL for deGrom.

Olympic Dumpster Fire

I don’t know if anybody has been paying attention, but these Olympics look set to be a dumpster fire. Players are testing positive and now gonna have to miss the whole Olympics. It appears a lot of athletes are already self-quarantining to make sure they don’t test positive before the flame is lit. The COVID has already knocked USA tennis player Coco Gauff out of the games and I feel there are more players to follow. It also looks like the big party scene and hooking up that happens in the village after the first few days will likely be on a much lower level, or nonexistent. I can see key athletes in big contests testing positive and being eliminated before the medal round. It is kind of destined that this will happen but the #Olympics have to go on, so it will go on just to say there is some victory over the pandemic. It will be far from the best, though… Not Munich-bad but very far from the best ever.

Taijuan Walker Blunder

This Taijuan Walker 3-run blunder didn’t cost the Mets the game because it was already out of hand. Counting the three runs, Walker was had a bad day at the office being responsible for 6 runs in one inning of work. The blunder was when a fought-off pitch dribbled down the the 3rd base line.

Junoir Blaber

It was clearly foul, then starting to roll back on the line. It appeared foul to Walker, so batted it toward the Pirate dugout with his glove. The umpire called it fair, so now the ball had to be retrieved. Two runs were in by the time a still-arguing Walker got to it. He didn’t bother to try to get the third runner, though. I don’t think walker was wrong, as the ball started out of play.

DL de Grom deGrom

To no one’s surprise, de Grom deGrom will be on the 10 DL IL for the New York Mets. This means that the Mets ace will likely miss 2 starts. I hope all those that complained about him missing the All-Star Game can now shut up. He will be gone for a few weeks and that will hurt the Mets push for the postseason. It might seem too early in the 2nd half of the season to start discussing playoffs but in the big picture, they are going nowhere without their ace being healthy in the stretch run.

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