Sports Rain Man: Subway Series, Bills Beer & City Pizza

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday. I hope everyone is doing okay and your livers are recovering from the first week of NFL football. I don’t know how long it will last but as per Ben Whitney’s claim that I don’t cover enough real football,  I will continue not covering American football today, so he can be the Tuesday Morning Quarterback. Anyway, here are the topics for today: Subway Series, Bills Beer & City Pizza.

Subway Series
The New York Mets took 2.5 out of 3 from the New York Yankees. I say 2.5 because Saturday was  another example of the Mets bullpen, doing what they have done for like 2 or 3 season running. The bullpen has been better this season than last but it still has more blown saves than it should. Saturday’s culprit was not Edwin Diaz, but Trevor May. On Sunday and Friday of the series, the Mets kept it together to win those games and reach .500 and finally have a chance to make playoffs. The other divisions seem to have far better records so it may come down to winning the division which will be tough, as they are 5 games behind. Never stop believing in the Amazins.

Bills Beer

I was in the beer store the other day and I look and there were 6 different types of Bills Beers. I couldn’t believe that! I mean, this town loves its Bills but every time I forget how small-town this place is, I see something like this. They have LaBatts Blue Seltzer in Bills-colored can. When did hard seltzer become a thing? Sure, I know about hard tea and lemonade but now the drink of choice is seltzer. Then the microbreweries go on a run. You have number 17 for the starting quarterback and Pils Mafia – named for the diehard fans that are the Bills Mafia. Then you have Circle The Wagons (thanks Chris Berman), A Little Big Lager Now (A Bills twist on the Shout song that gets everyone singing pun), Pancho which dedicated to the deceased bills fan that always wore a sombero and luchador mask and finally Unbillievable, a hard cider. I don’t know if all these gimmicks work but I know people were buying them, so who knows? As a Jets fan I refuse to drink any of them. Maybe I will do a video with a Buffalo Bill as he taste tests for all of us.

City Pizza
I cam across this random but brilliant tweet. I thought two things: 1) NYC often just gives itself awards, as there is some great pizza outside of the city 2) LA damn sure ain’t the place… Buffalo is really good with its different style pepperoni and fluffy crest. Connecticut has sauce-bread, which is highly rated. The sauce quality is good as well as they are generous with it. Boston isn’t worth our time. Detroit is similar to Buffalo with its heavy crust. Chicago and that casserole that those jamokes call a pizza is crime. St. Louis needs to learn how to eat a bagel before it can move up to the big leagues of pizza, I mean really. Everyone else west of St. Louis is just a waste of time. According to my bro in Texas, you only go to pizzerias owned and operated by NYC transplants… Conclusion: More New Yorkers need to get on planes with pizzas and spread the gospel. Like Chris does below.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Tuesday Morning QB, Ben Whitney.

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