Sports Rain Man: Bills hammer Jets, Giants Face Bucs, RIP Sam Huff, NFL News

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – Happy Monday So last week I turned one year older and supposedly a little wiser but I am not sure about that. Short Matt will tell you that it doesn’t show in my writing. We will see how today’s piece goes. The line-up for today is: Sports Rain Man: Bills hammer Jets, Giants Face Bucs, RIP Sam Huff, NFL News.  

Bills Hammer Jets

The J-E-T-S got shellacked by the BILLS…Whatever ailed the Bills offense last week, it appears the Jets defense was just the tonic for it. The 4 Interceptions thrown by Jets QB Mike White will grab the headlines but what choice did he or the Jets offense have. The Jets attack to keep slinging it because the Jets defense was making Josh Allen look like Jim Kelly in his prime. I don’t think the defense managed a stop until the 4th quarter after the Bills were up by more than 30. The Jets offense struggled to keep up and QB Mike White made a lot of bad decisions and forced a few throws he didn’t need to but when your team is struggling you need to try.

The Bills need this win to get right back on track. They are now back on their way to winning the division. Still to early to see if they can win the conference but it is a good start. The Defense is looking as good as anyone team in the NFL. The inconsistent offense and the inability to create some sort of running game will remain their Achilles heel.

Giants take on the Bucs

I would have to check wit the Ax Man or Da Cheese Man to find out what is the line on this game. Regardless, I say take the Bucs. They may have looked ordinary in a couple of games but they are far more likely to play better than the Giants. I know the press will play up the two times the Giants beat Tom Brady when he was with the Patriots but these aint those Giants. They don’t have the pass rush and front 7 to make TB12 uncomfortable in the pocket. It may not be as ugly as the Jets loss to the Bills but it will be a loss nonetheless.

RIP Sam Huff

Junoir Blaber

I don’t know how old our readers are but here is what you need to know and understand about Sam Huff. First, Ray Lewis meet him almost a decade back for one of these shows and the reverence in which he took in meeting Huff and his wife and being in his presence was something to be hold. The greatest inside linebacker of current generation meeting one from a previous generation. As Lewis put it “if you are a student of the game, like I am, you know that you are in the presence of one of the greatest to ever do it and changed the position.” Secondly, Huff was so dominate there is still a drill named after him. I found that out watching the documentary, I just mentioned. The Huff drill is a 2 v 1 drill where the Linebacker has to beat a FB trying to block him and still tackle the tailback. Huff was so prominent at this aspect of the game that the drill was named after him. The Mara Family wrote a beautiful message announcing Huff’s death and the great work he did with the Giants. with all that said, good night sweet prince, you will not be forgotten by Giants fans or future generations of footballers as they continue to do the Huff drill.

NFL News

The Titans keep winning. Somehow without Derrick Henry, the Titans have found a way to use a RB by committee back field and keep winning. Don’t look now but the Patriots just waxed the Browns and it seems like Dr. Evil has got his team starting to fire on all cylinders. That off-year after Tom Brady left may only be a year. The Vikings playmakers came up big to help secure a key win, so maybe Kirk Cousins doesn’t completely suck. Cam Newton may be getting his groove back as he led the Panthers to a win in his first game back.

Thanks for reading, comment below and come back tomorrow for our Big Ben Whitney, who is out shopping for an OBJ hat.

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