Grinding Ax Sunday- NFL Yawn-Fest / Olympics

FREEHOLD, NJ – The NFL has really lucked out this playoff season.  Every game kept the audience watching until the final snap.  The cash machine is churning and the BIG EVENT Super Bowl LVI (56) should bring in much gold for Emperor Roger Goodell and his minions.

Before all of that pageantry featuring dignitaries such as Snoop Dogg, NFL fans with no life can tune in today to watch the NFL Yawn-Fest Pro Bowl! Yes, another yearly display of pathetic football, mostly featuring players who did not make the actual roster as voted. Any intelligent player skips this embarrassment akin to a #WWE match. Actually, I must apologize to professional wrestlers. They actually work in a more dangerous environment.  This game gets progressively worse year after year as players put in little defensive effort . I am hoping that rookie sensation Micah Parsons forgets that this is an exhibition and flattens an opposing QB.  My suggestion is that if the NFL insists on continuing this Yawn Fest, they make it a Flag Football Game. Viewers would at least get to see a competitive game vs the touch football rolled out to brain dead fans. How are you spending your day?  I’m going to play with my two dogs and take the wife out anywhere she wants. 

I could have written about hockey and how the New York Rangers are back on track and competing but Hockey is on hiatus so I will leave that to our other resident “authorities.”

The CHINA Olympics are happening right now!I will not watch one minute of this sham. The world getting together to celebrate athletics, fair play, peace and harmony. How can any country send their athletes to this cesspool of hypocrisy?  If any leader of a free country possessed a scintilla of common sense and morality, they would have boycotted this human rights disaster, as opposed to kissing the ass of the thugs who inflicted a pandemic on the entire world. The land that spins out most of the cheap products many of us snatch up, is profiting on the pure pain of workers being treated worse than the animals that they eat. *Edited by MTM Sports Content Department.
Please add your delusions below as you enjoy your *$25 burger picked up at $4 bucks per gallon (this time non-sports content left in by MTM Sports Content Department) and do come back tomorrow for our resident economist, Junoir Blaber.

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