Grinding Ax Sunday – NCAA March Madness and Rugby News!

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FREEHOLD, NJ – As we turn the clocks forward anticipating Spring, the temperatures are plummeting here in Dirty Jersey. March Madness kicked off this week and basketball purists are in their glory. Personally, I don’t think there is anything better than watching athletes playing their asses off to achieve one of the toughest feats in college sports, which is winning the NCAA Basketball Title. First you have to play through the conference tournaments, and then hit a winning streak against the best teams in the country. It’s refreshing to watch players diving for loose balls instead of diving to fix a game. The NBA does not interest me anymore, as most of the millionaires playing have lost their ability to give a sh*t about the game, their teammates or the fans. Ass Clowns like LeBron James have fans ejected for simply calling him an appropriate name? That’s as bad a golf and tennis, where one must whisper when the ball is in play!  Let’s stick to watching these guys before they become spoiled cry babies.

That segues to…

What would an NCAA Tournament be without the biggest crybaby coach?! Coach K.  As my chrome domed cousin Small Matt stated last week, I just love Coach Mike Krzyzewski. What a true leader of men. Who develops players into scholar athletes better than the mush mouthed Duke Czar? Pretty much everyone with the exemption of John Calipari. This douche sold his soul and started his one and done player campaign a few years ago and this makes it even sweeter that he will exit the game with yet another tournament failure as his team was defeated by the Hokies of Virginia Tech in the ACC Tournament. His successes were greater when he actually developed his teams so hopefully his successor takes a different path.
The Villanova Wildcats chalked up another Big East Title taking down Creighton at MSG and Arizona looks formidable defeating UCLA in the PAC Ten Tournament.

As for my favorites to make it to the final four, I’m going with Villanova, Kansas, Baylor, Gonzaga, UCLA, Oklahoma, Arizona and Purdue, which obviously can change based on the final brackets.

Now to big Rugby News

With all the phobias playing out among most professional men’s sports, Rugby is the most inclusive to the LGBTQ community and leads the sports world in rosters with gay players. This inclusiveness *is why Rugby is gaining popularity around the world and especially here in the USA, as more LGBTQ fans are flocking to the games. Certainly great news for this sport, indeed.

That is it for me. Chime in with your delusions and come back tomorrow for the stylings of Mr. Junoir Blaber.

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