Sports Rain Man: March Madness, Mets Post Diaz, World Baseball Classic

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday.  This was another week where being up first hurt me. The A-Aron Rodgers decision and the Edwin Diaz injury have already been talked about so I have to find new topics to talk about. With that, here is today’s slate: March Madness, Mets Post Diaz, World Baseball Classic. 

March Madness

A team that hasn’t won the NCAA Men’s Tournament in 5 years, will win in it this year. The NCAA still has its magic. I know there is the G-league now, and players coming from Europe – but the drama that makes the tournament what it is remains. Kentucky is out despite having the most well paid coach in the college Basketball. Princeton a 15 seed shocked 2 seed Arizona only to see a bigger upset as 1 seed Purdue fell to 16 seed Fairleigh Dickinson University. Now we are at the sweet 16 stage and there are a couple of familiar faces like Gonzaga and Duke but people are shocked to see Creighton and Kansas State. That is what make this tournament so special. I love it just for the fact that despite budgets and pedigree, for one night FDU can say they were better than Purdue. You can’t beat that.

NY Mets Post Diaz

Junior Blaber

With no Edwin Diaz, the Mets Season is already over. I am not that pessimistic but I was upset to hear of his injury maybe not as upset as Timmy Trumpet but upset. Diaz had a horrible first year in NY, so much so Mets fans wanted him out. However, management kept the faith and it he rewarded everyone with one of the best seasons a closer has every had. So now what? My friend Casc said should we trade for Diaz’s brother in Cincinatti. I say no. Cincy will demand someone like Baty or Mauricio. I am not sure, however, that we want to go make Ottavino the closer. My gut tells me the Mets should make a move for a guy who was a closer for poor team last season and can be had for a prospect that wont be ready til 2026. Someone somewhere between 15-25th in the prospect rankings. Then take that guy and add him to a committee with Ottavino and another veteran reliever. See if this patchwork can get the Mets where they need to be. Hopefully Diaz rehabs ahead of schedule and can make it back by September.

World Baseball Classic

After the Diaz injury, I wanted this competition to be ended. I hated it. Still kinda do. When it started a over a decade ago, it was clear that this was an attempt by MLB to try and trump the Olympics or at the very least, create their own money making event – like the World Cup. The increase in participation from high profile pros is a benefit to how it has grown. It is still weird to see players from the UK and Holland play baseball but that is what they think about Americans playing rugby. If this really grows and becomes more than just a big time spring training event, it will be good for baseball. I will say they are getting a couple of things right setting up playoff games with rivals. Let’s see how far the USA goes in it this year.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Check out Ben Whitney, who will give his thoughts on the Rangers scoring 6+ goals in back to back games, getting shutouts from both their goalies, and what that means for the playoff run.

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