Sports Rain Man: Mets Season Cursed, Randle-less Knicks, Men’s & Women’s Final Four

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EL BARRIO, EL FALLSHappy Monday.  I had most of this week typed out in my head but my kids decided they were gonna make this as impossible a task as possible. Yet, we survived. With that, here is today’s slate: Mets Season Cursed, Randle-less Knicks, Men’s & Women’s Final Four. 

Mets Season Cursed

The Mets won on Opening day. Despite how historically terrible the Mets have been, they have won something like 40 of their last 50+ opening day games. When they beat the Miami Marlins to start the season, we were all happy. One game doesn’t predict the season but they did it in a way that looked like it would be the goal for the season. Solid pitching, a great closing job by David Robertson, timely hitting from the stars on the team. The Mets went on to win the 4 game series 3-1 and sit in 1st. The reason I feel the season is cursed, however, is because my wife sent me this video:

This huge [alleged] fraud is doing a video supporting the Mets?! What is that video? And the so-called chant! I literally felt sick to my stomach. First Diaz, now this. We aint gonna win anything, pack it in right now. Next he is gonna show up at Shea Citi Field. Once again, Long Island embarrasses the rest of the city.

Randle-less Knicks

The New York Knicks will not have Julius Randle for the remaining games of the regular season. They have played two without him and have 4 more left. They looked good in beating the Miami Heat in the game that Randle went down and have since beaten the Cleveland Cavaliers and then Washington Wizards. This doesn’t mean the Knicks don’t need him for the playoffs, they most certainly do. However, letting Randle rest his sprained ankle and getting Obi Toppin some time – as well Miles McBride – is good for the team. In playoff games, benches tend to be shorter. Having a bench of guys that you trust in case of injury or foul trouble is huge. I am confident the Knicks can will get by the Cavaliers in round 1. If things go well and Boston is the #1 seed and not Milwaukee, they can beat them and make the conference final.

Men’s Final Four

Junior Blaber

It will come down to #4 seed  UConn against #5 seed San Diego State in the National Championship game. UConn have the pedigree, as they have won the title within the last few years and continue to succeed while being underrated going into the tournament. That is likely down to teams not respecting the Big East anymore… Meanwhile, the Aztecs are  is there for the first time. Lamont Butler hit a buzzer-beater – the kind you dream of as a kid. We haven’t seen one since the Big Ragu hit one for Villanova when they won the title 5-6 yeas ago. It was a big-time shot and executed just like the coach drew it up. The two will face off tonight and I think most people are rooting for the underdog Aztecs.

Women’s Final Four

The Women’s Final Four is over and there is a new champion. It is LSU led by Angel Reese. Funny note: apparently Reese shares the same name as her mom and there have been guys slipping into the moms social media, thinking they are talking to the younger Reese. The younger Reese has been fantastic and defended against the other best big women in college basketball… The Tigers shut down Caitlin Clark’s Iowa Hawkeyes big-time to start the game. It took a run at the start of the second half to make the 4th quarter a somewhat close game, but LSU won by 6. What made it even a bigger deal was that both teams had to beat the one seeds to make the final. LSU had to knock of Virginia Tech, who were having a great season and Clark and Iowa had to knock of the defending champion South Carolina Gamecocks. That was huge upset and sent shock-waves throughout women’s basketball. As I have said, more competitive women’s basketball is better for everybody and brings the tournament closer to the March Madness of the men.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Check out Ben Whitney, who will tell you why I wrong on baseball.

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