Knicks vs Heat: Thoughts Before Game 5 and After Win

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Will it last?

SPANISH HARLEM – This will be a rare Before & After column:  my thoughts before and just after last night’s New York Knicks vs Miami Heat Game 5 battle in the NBA Playoffs. I

Before the Game

The last two games against the Heat did not go as planned. As a matter of fact, it went about as badly as you could possibly imagine. The Knicks were out-played, outmatched, out-hustled, and out-coached. It was simple as that. They didn’t have an answer to anything Miami was doing on the offensive or defensive side of the ball.

Of course that can all change being on your home court, having the fans behind you. There is an energy about The Garden. Everyone in attendance is ready to cheer and erupt at a moment’s notice when the Knicks play well. Let’s just hope the team is ready to bring the fight they sorely lacked in Florida.

After The Game

It certainly did not start well, but the Knicks definitely went after it in the 2nd half. What was once an ugly offense turned more efficient with movement and spreading the ball to open shooters. Before you knew it, they were up 18 points in the 3rd quarter. You just knew, however, that somehow Miami would come back and that they did.

Buddy Diaz

In the 4th quarter, these Knicks showed a lot of toughness maintaining the lead, as the Heat chipped away getting as close as 4 points late.

In the end, the Knickerbockers won 112-103 and they live to play another day. It won’t be easy to win in Miami. They won’t shoot as bad from 3 again but I’ll definitely take another game than none at all.

That’s it for now, come back tomorrow for content.

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