Sports Rain Man: Weekly Mets Update, NBA Finals, NHL Finals

EL BARRIO, EL FALLS – It was such a busy weekend that I didn’t get to any of the damn yard work. I did manage to watch my dose of sports highlights, though, so I kind of know what I am talking about. With that backdrop, here are today’s topics:¬†Weekly Mets Update, NBA Finals, NHL Finals.

Weekly Mets Update

The Mets are right where I left them last week. They are still at 500. They took Memorial Day off and then swept the Phillies. The hope of them turning things around ended as they got swept by the Blue Jays. It was an painful sweep as the Mets lost two pitchers duels and then came back from 4 runs to tie tonight, only to lose the game. They wasted solid performances from Justin Verlander, Tylor Megill and Kodi Senga. They were like 0-13 with RISP. Fransisco Lindor had an 0-11 streak at some point. It just really seems like a struggle for consistency from the hitters when the pitching is on form and the bats do have a good game like Sunday, the pitching lets them down. I have huge worries about the Mets bullpen and how ready for prime-time they are. So far from what I have seen, they lack any kind of dominance and don’t give a feel of a staff that can protect a lead. Maybe we shouldn’t expect much more than .500 from this team. It is becoming apparent that they wont get on some incredible streak. The Phillies made the playoffs last season with a win percentage of .537. I think¬† that is where these Mets will end up, definitely no better than .600. They key is will they get into the playoffs. If they can get into the playoffs well then they can make a run like Philly.

Junior Blaber

NBA Finals: Nuggets vs Heat

Looks like we have a series. Miami pulled one out in Denver to send the series to Miami, tied 1-1. It only becomes a real series when a team loses a home game. The concern is that Miami only won by 3 and this Nuggets team is sure to make enough adjusts to compensate for that. I will say that people assumed Miami’s hot shooting couldn’t continue but they have been lights for the majority of playoffs. They were lights out again last nigh. Denver needs to find a way to cool them just a bit. Jokic is gonna get his triple double regardless of Miami does on defense, so their ability to keep up on the scoreboard allows them to play their game.

NHL Finals

These finals are an abomination. They are being played in suburbs of Miami and Las Vegas. I am sure Gary Betteman is happy with himself. But I am not. We dumped the Norris Division for something called the Metropolitan Division. And now we have the final between two cities where any snow would have them declaring national emergencies. I know about the Gretzky going south stuff that caused this… but still. As for the action on the ice, the 6-year-old Knights continue putting long-time franchises to shame. They won comfortably in game 1, 5-2. And won game 2… I am hoping for both teams to lose but besides that, I have no idea what to expect.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Check out Ben Whitney, who will give us his thoughts on The Stankees.

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