Sports Rain Man: Mets Are Sellers, Weekly Mets Update, Women’s World Cup

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Steve Cohen and the Mets not much better than the Wilpons' version

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Last day of July! I can’t believe August has come so fast. . Anyway, there is still sports news to report on, so, let’s focus on today’s topics: Sports Rain Man: Mets Are Sellers, Weekly Mets Update, Women’s World Cup

Mets Are Sellers

The New York Mets were officially sellers. This is the Mets’ curse. They have an incredible season last year, choke in the final week and stumble out of the playoffs. So to Steve Cohen’s credit, he gave the team’s wallet a botox injection and said spend. So they bought Kodai Senga, Justin Verlander, tried to sign a big-time bat in Carlos Correa but that fell apart. They should have bolstered the bullpen some more. However, money was spent and now that Mets lie far adrift from a playoff position. 12th place actually, out of 15 teams.

So they have moved Dave Robertson and Max Scherzer. then Verlander also. That is the thing; it may be most expensive roster ever assembled, but next season the core of the team is back – along with closer Edwin Diaz. You can buy yourself another pitching ace to join Senga and then get more pitchers on the Chris Bassitt level (and less Cookie Carrasco level). Then you get yourself a quality contact hitting outfielder to play in LF or RF. Then a better DH and a couple middle relivers. The Mets only tradable commodities were Scherzer and Verlander. GM Billy Eppler may need to be jettisoned, as his roster building is leaving a lot to be desired.

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Weekly Mets Update

The New York Mets went 3-3 in their last six games. They currently stand about 12th in the National League, which puts them about six spots out of the one they need to be in. I am not sure if they will go on some kind on run but it is best to just consider them done. I don’t know where they will finish but I don’t think it will be 6th in the NL. They may get hot late and climb to 8th but that is about it.  They will have more 5-1 weeks because the pressure will be of. As usual, they will perform best the the heat is off and will have hope of a miracle comeback… but they will fall short. Fransisco Alvarez and Brett Baty are gonna be keys for the Mets as the young plays improve with reps and Mark Vientos will be a key difference at DH. It is clear the bars closing in Queens and Mets fans have to start looking at next season and who will show potential.

Women’s World Cup

The Women’s World Cup has been awesome. The thing I have noticed is that in the early years of the WWC, the dominate teams were the teams with the most progressive policies regarding women’s rights. However, as the sport has gotten more funding in the international and club level, things have gotten better. The club level differs from country-to-country, as Colombia’s women’s league almost folded. They have a good number of players playing in Spain, including Linda Calicedo. This 18-year-old scored goals in the Under 17 World Cup, got promoted ot U20 World cup – as she turned 18  -and became player of the tournament. How she has played in the overall WC and has gotten Player of the Game in back-to-back games.

One of those games was an upset against Germany, and this World Cup has been filled with upsets… New Zealand upset Norway, only to be upset by PhillipinesNigeria upset England, while South Africa upset Sweden. There have been world class goals and improved competition. It is amazing how everything looks better as the funding has gotten better. I see more of my male soccer friends talking about and watching the game.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below. Check out the 2nd consecutive weekly sub for Ben Whitney, who is on vacation.

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