Sports Rain Man: NFL Round-Up, Bills v Pats, Commanders v Giants

Can you name these people? This week then became relevant.

NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Frogging Monday! Slaughter a lamb! My Fantasy Football game is still in the air with 3 guys yet to play. I was helped by a big game by Mr.Pfizer/Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. Anyway, here are the topics for today: NFL Round-Up, Bills v Pats and Commanders v Giants.

NFL Round-up

The Saints lost a heart-breaker to the Jaguars,as the Saints TE stone-cold-dropped the tying touchdown on 3 & goal about 30 seconds left on the game clock… The Ravens shocked on-lookers by just mauling a very good Lions team… The Justin Field-less Bears looked very good as they had no trouble dealing with the Raiders… The Browns barely – and I do mean barely – won a shootout against the Colts… The Falcons just managed to hang on against the Bucs, while the Steelers needed a big second half to defeat the Rams… The Seahawks cruised past the Cardinals while the Broncos got a much needed win against the struggling Packers… The Chiefs beat the Chargers by the same score the Eagles beat the Dolphins but differently. The Chiefs started out like a house on fire that made it impossible for the Chargers keep up, while the Eagles just never let up against the Dolphins scoring in each quarter.

Junior Blaber

Bills v Patriots

What The F***?! These Bills got to figure it out. They played poorlyagainst the Jags in London, and barely got by the Giants at home courtesy of a pass interference no-call. This time, they had a slow start against a  Patriots side that has been awful the last two weeks. Buffalo finally got on track late in the game through with good plays by the offense and a big turnover forced by the defense. so up by 5 with 2 minutes to go, they could not stop Mac Jones – of all people – as he threw the ball where needed and the Patriots scored with almost no time left on the clock to win the game.

Commanders v Giants

Tyrod Taylor continues to be in the elite group of back-ups, as he steered the Giants to a big win against the Commanders. It was not a beauty but it was good enough. Oddly, the Giants offense didn’t look bad in between the 20s, with Darius Slayton and Darren Waller having big games. The Washington kicker had a bad game but credit to the Giants special teams for playing well and getting a block to make up for a muffed punt. It was a solid team effort, and you have to credit the coaches and players because it was a complete effort and the game highlights were very much worth watching.

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below and come back tomorrow for Big Ben Whitney – who will be downright giddy after the big Big Blue win.

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