Giant Letdown, DeGrom Wins A Ring, Mets Interview Counsell

HOLBROOK, NY – With the NYC Marathon wreaking havoc in the five boroughs, let’s sprint through the following: Giant Letdown, DeGrom Wins A Ring, Mets Interview Counsell

Giant Letdown

Last Sunday the Giants had a chance to pull out a very gusty win against their in-state “rival”  – the New York Jets. Behind third string QB Tommy DeVito, the game was seemingly over. IF…  The home-team could have ran the ball on fourth and one, and even if they did not get first down, Gang Green would have gotten the ball at their own 20. With. No. Timeouts.  Did I mention the Jints have arguably the best running back in football? This botched sequence gave Zach “Joe Montana” Wilson & Co a chance to tie the game. Guess what? That’s exactly what they did. This type of gut-punch has happened to Big Blue before, like when DeSean Jackson returned a punt to stun the G-men in 2010. That cost them a playoff spot.

This loss certainly dampened/extinguished any playoff aspirations. The return of Daniel Jones and the upcoming schedule being easiser, (dysfunctional Raiders, tanking Commanders ), may give some hope. BUT… Hell, they still have games against the Rams, Saints, Packers and Patriots, so anything is possible. HOWEVER… the Giants have since traded Lenoard Williams to Seattle, so who knows if they are even thinking about the rest of this year. 

DeGrom Wins A Ring

The Texas Rangers are World Series Champions. This means Jacob DeGrom is a World Series champion.  Every Mets fan on the planet should be crushed, watching it unfold, just twisting the knife… not to mention his former Mets teammate, Max Scherzer.

Mets Interview Counsell

Jackson Sternberg

Moving onto some happier news… In in Mets Land, the club has interviewed Craig Counsell.  This guy is one of the best managers in MLB and could lead to the sustained success that New York has been striving for since Steve Cohen took the helm. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for reading, feel free to comment your thoughts, and come back tomorrow for Aristotle “Mugsy” Sakellaridis


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