Jets QB Drama, Yanks Land Soto, Mets Get…???

HOLBROOK, NY – It’s Friday. I’m great. Hope you are, too. Enough with the small talk, let’s get into the important stuff. Jets QB Drama, Yanks Land Soto, Mets Get….???

QB Drama
On Wednesday the Jets renamed Zach Wilson the starting QB for the rest of the season, Unsurprisingly, the Tim Boyle experiment did not go according to plan. What that plan was in the first place? I don’t think the J-E-T-S even know. As a Giants fan, I’ve always observed the Jets from afar, but since acquiring Arron Rodgers, the Jets have become interesting again. IF Rodgers does come back, who the hell knows if he is going to be half the player he was the previous few seasons.

Yanks Land Soto

The New York Yankees landed a Super Star Wednesday night. The cost? Not much, really. Micheal King is a nice pitcher and the other players were just prospects so who knows what they amount to anyways, the real story about this trade, in my opinion is the Incompetence Of the San Diego Padres, The Pads Traded the Farm for Soto two summers ago with an eye towards competing for a championship, the players they traded to get Soto were highly thought of ShortStop CJ Abrams and lefty pitcher mackenzie Gore, Two players that will surely be a pain in my Metros side For Years to come, I do not understand how Padres GM AJ preller Still has a Job?! He has gutted the farm while also tying up nearly 400 million dollars in payroll.

Mets Get…???

Jacob Sternberg

That’s it? The Mets could not have topped that offer? Obviously the Padres could have coveted a certain player from the Yanks, but The Mets have in some people’s eyes, a better farm system than the Yankees! David Stearns will soon learn that this is not Milwaukee. More importantly, The fanbase is NOT the Brewers’ fanbase. If he does not do something soon,¬† fans will start to think this is just like the Wilpons – with these small additions¬† being treated as some savvy, under the radar moves. That is just a cop-out for NOT spending money!

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