Sports Rain Man: NFL Eye-Catchers, Bills vs Chargers, Commanders vs Jets, Giants vs Eagles

NIAGARA FALLS, NYMeryy Christmas! I am typing this after wrapping gifts and waiting for Santa to arrive. Christmas really is for the kids, because you get to a certain age and all of this feels like a hassle. But it is done now, so time to pour a drink and watch my favorite Christmas movie. First, however, are today’s topics: NFL Eye-Catchers, Texans vs Jets, Bills vs Chiefs and Packers v Giants.

NFL Eye-Catchers
1) Congratulations to the Detroit Lions on winning their division for the first time in 30 years. It has been a long time. They have wasted the careers of Hall of Famers Herman Moore and Barry Sanders. I don’t think they would have won much more but with those two but those guys, they should have achieved more. They definitely didn’t do it when they had Calvin “Megatron” Johnson. I expected them to choke it away but it seems they didn’t.
2) Thank God I decided to start Amari Cooper in Fantasy Football. He recorded 59 points. What that means on the field is he had over 260 yards receiving, 2 TDs and career day. Throwing him the ball was none other than Jets castoff Joe Flacco. It was one of the most impressive performances by a QB and receiver we have seen in a few seasons.
3) The #NFL is going after the #NBA with this Christmas line-up. Christmas Day is usually the NBA’s thing but with Christmas on a Monday, they seemed have gone for a triple header and they may just get more eyeballs as end of the season football is more meaningful than mid season basketball.

Bills vs Chargers
The Bills almost lost this one, to a team that was just embarrassed in the previous game. You would expect a reaction after the drubbing they took and the fact that they were at home. However, the Bills hung tight and battles through the hot start by Chargers to win. Chargers back-up Easton Stick looked relatively competent which was impressive, however he just couldn’t make that big play when needed. The Bills on the other hand, has no problem making the big play. The offense looks back to its best which is a great sign going into playoffs..

Commanders vs Jets 

Bond. Junior Blaber Bond.

Are the Jets tanking or not? Cause they might have blown their chance to sign. John Alt or Marvin Harrison Jr However, they do play one of their best halves all season as they scored 27 points in the first half. They took their far foot of the gas and found themselves down 2 points with two minutes, they came back to win. It was. Classic Jets as

Giants vs Eagles
The Giants have the middle game of the XMas day games. Barring some kind of miracle the Birds will roll up the G-Men.
Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Ben Whitney, who’ll still be hungover after his Rangers beat Cheesy Bruin’s Bruins in Boston.
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