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NIAGARA FALLS, NYHappy Monday!! As the football season nears its end, there is less material to cover, so I have to go looking for stuff. Thankfully, t right in front of me: NFL Playoff Review, Coaching Carousel News, Netflix Sports Docs.

Netflix Sports Docs

I have talked about the Netflix series Untold before but this time, I want to talk about one of their new ones. They are doing one on Rugby, a favorite sport for me and Short Matt. It is called 6 Nations: Full Contact. All the old fogies are up in arms because they want to grow the game without changing anything. However, they need to consider the last sport that the production company showcased was F1, and that sport was able to sign a new TV contract with ESPN that was worth 10 times their previous one. The amount of attention from new viewers and casual fans was key in securing the new contract. Rugby is trying to do the same thing, but it is harder in a sport like rugby that has 15 personalities. It’s not just one driver and their crew. It is harder to create heroes and villains and types of story-lines. However, some stories already right themselves and hopefully the human interest aspect will draw in new viewers and grow the game.


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Coaching Carousel

Jim Harbaugh is back in the NFL with the San Diego Los Angeles Chargers. Justin Herbert must be doing back-flips. Michigan hired or promoted Offensive Coordinator Sherrone Moore as replacement for Harbaugh. This makes sense as Harbaugh was suspended for 3 weeks two separate times this season and Moore stepped up and kept the team undefeated. In Carolina, they hired Bucs OC Dave Canales, which makes sense with a young QB but with an overly involved owner, not sure Canales should have taken this job. In a surprise move, the Atlanta Falcons chose Raheem Morris as their new head coach. It is not Morris is not a good pick, it’s that he is a defensive coordinator and the Falcons seemed to have plenty of offensive issues so many expected an offensive mind to be brought in.

NFL Playoff Review

Junior Blaber

Ben Whitney called it. The NFL found a way to get Taylor Swift in the Super Bowl for juiced up ratings. I wish we could argue that was some dodgy call that made it seemed that way. Unfortunately, it was the Ravens playing their worst game of the year while the Chiefs remained the Chiefs and found some way to win. I was really pulling for the Ravens but the whole offense had a shocker. Calling was poor and execution was worse. If your defense holds the Chiefs to 17 points, then you have to win that game, plain and simple. I do haveĀ  respect for the Governor of Maryland though.

As my friend the Lions fan said, after suffering through the 0-16 season and wasting the talent of one of the greatest running backs ever and receivers ever, this loss doesn’t hurt that much. It was a loss that Angry Ward’s Vikings would have been proud of as it was as flukey as possible. A deflected pass that should fall to the ground ends up caught for a TD. Drops that rarely happen, happened and here we are SF Ninees are in the Super Bowl.

Thanks for reading and come tomorrow to hear from Ben Whitney, who will likely talk pigskin and pucks.

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