Calipari Done With Kentucky, Who Replaces Him? Wrestlemania Reactions

HOLBROOK, NY – We have some awesome stories to break down – and we’re not even talkin’ Mets vs Braves or Knicks vs Boston! Let’s jump into: Calipari Done With Kentucky, Who Replaces Him? Wrestlemania Reactions

Calipari Done With Kentucky

Now it has been made official; it will be coach Cal leaving Kentucky to go to the Arkansas Razorbacks. After Arkansans lost their coach, Eric Musselman, to USC, the Razorbacks quickly pivoted to one of the greatest college coaches of all time, with the landscape being much different than it ever has been, with NIL (name image and likeness) being at the forefront Arkansas has given cal a budget of around 6 million to work with coach cal’s recruiting success this only reinforces that Arkansas will be coming a powerhouse and be a true threat in the SEC, reports have recently come out that Cal gave Kentucky a chance to match this offer, but declined.

Who Replaces Him?

Names have ranged from Nate Oats from Alabama to Scott Drew from baylor or even Billy Donovan from the Bulls. I think Scott Drew from Baylor makes the most sense. Drew took over a Baylor program that rivals Depaul’s current situation. Drew is a true program builder and a good one at that. Not that Kentucky needs a true rebuild, but, they certainly could use a different voice and philosophy if he  had the success he has had at Baylor where the football program is always front and Center, Imagine what he could do with the resources in a place like Kentucky where basketball is always at the forefront. If Scott Drew were to leave for the wildcats, then who would be the head coach of Baylor? Would they give Will Wade another chance? Could they give Houston’s Kelvin Sampson a call? The domino effect will be fascinating to watch. Every offseason in college basketball is filled with surprises. Just last season, Ed Cooley jumped from Providence to Georgetown and sparked a new rivalry in the Big East. it will be fascinating to see it unfold.

Wrestlemania reactions!

What a show it was! The first night featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Rhodes and his real cousin Roman Reigns to face  Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins in a match that would set up a stipulation for the main event on night two.

Jackson Sternberg

The tag-team match set the world on fire with some ridiculous moves and storytelling that would beautifully set up night two. The Rock and Roman won the first night to ensure that there would be “Bloodline Rules,” that would be in effect and seemingly Cody the “American Nightmare” Rhodes once again. But, what the “bloodline rules” meant is that anything goes, and the boy did  anything and everything indeed go. With cameos ranging from John Cena to the Undertaker each helping Cody Rhodes – the son of the famous Dusty Rhodes – finally finish his story by beating Roman Reigns and becoming the new WWE Champion.

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